There is a growing interest in man’s spiritual dimension within healthcare and medicine. As a more holistic approach is adopted in healthcare it is necessary to include all dimensions of the human person including the spiritual. Furthermore, research suggests that there are health benefits amongst those who consider themselves spiritual or religious. Medical research has not yet uncovered the specific reasons that account for these benefits.

Combining her knowledge of medicine and soulful esoteric wisdom, Eunice’s understandings stretch beyond that of current medical practice and understanding. For her, the key to understanding illness, disease and healing is in understanding the true nature of the human person at the level of the soul and the nature of the life lived. The biography of a person affects his/her biology. True healing involves addressing the choices that have been made in separation to one’s true nature and also re-connection to that true nature or essence of love.

Here you will find some articles (both academic and non-academic) that relate to man’s spiritual dimension in healthcare and others concerning esoteric wisdom and healing.


Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine – One Surgeon’s Perspective

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EJ Minford MA FRCS Ed.  Consultant Surgeon.

This article outlines how one Western trained surgeon came to be involved with and support Esoteric Medicine. In addition it describes how rather than being incompatible, a marriage of both Western and Esoteric Medicine, has the potential to deliver true healing.  Continue Reading


Faith: Spiritual history taking made easy

D Neely, EJ Minford
, The Clinical Teacher 2009:6:181-185

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Current Status of Teaching on Spirituality in UK Medical Schools

D Neely, EJ Minford
Medical Education. 2008: 42: 176-182

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Keeping Abreast of New Therapy – Esoteric Breast Massage

Interview with Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine in Spa Australasia Magazine, August 2009

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