Gentle Breath Meditations

These meditations can support you to bring a deeper presence to your work and life. Available free from the Unimed Living website most are recorded in front of a live audience and are from Serge Benhayon’s presentations through Universal Medicine.

Introductory Gentle Breath Meditation

introductory Gentle Breath Meditation

An Introduction to the Gentle Breath Meditation. This simple short meditation will change the way that you view meditation and its application to every day life.

Reconnecting Gentle Breath Meditation


In this meditation the subtle movement of closing the eyes is integrated to promote conscious presence. Supports you to give your body permission to be gentle and to feel the warmth in your lungs.

Quality Building Gentle Breath Meditation


This meditation supports you to build and develop the quality of your own stillness. Enjoy surrendering to the warmth and beauty within without needing to ‘do’ anything.

Beating Anxiety Gentle Breath Meditation


Do you feel anxiety or agitation in your body? This is the perfect meditation to help you reconnect to the steadiness and gentleness within, free of any outside interference.

Riding the Breath Gentle Breath Meditation


Do your thoughts sometimes feel out-of-control, like they have taken on a mind of their own? This simple yet powerful technique develops your ability to have your mind and body working together as one.

Body is the Marker of Truth Gentle Breath Meditation


All our daily choices are stored in the body. This meditation supports you to reconnect and listen to the truth that your body is communicating, and offers a marker of how beautiful it is to surrender without a defense or shield.

Developing Conscious

developing conscious presence_gentle_breath_meditation__copy_7

The key to this meditation is to engage the mind with the action of the in-breath and the out-breath. This develops a rhythm between the mind and the body. Enjoy the power of your own presence.

Your Essence


This meditation is all about the importance of our own essence. It delivers the tools to support you to reconnect to who you truly are at any moment.

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