Holistic Health and Healing Consultations.

Eunice provides one to one consultations for those seeking a deeper understanding of their life, illness and disease and healing utilising a holistic approach that encompasses mind, body, heart, spirit and soul. This approach can be used for those with physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual issues. These consultations are complementary (not alternative) to conventional medical treatment. The consultations are based on the energetic and soulful understandings of the human person.

Sessions can be a combination of talking and hands on healing body-work or just talking as needed.

Sacred Esoteric Healing is a gentle form of hands on healing on the clothed body that is deeply relaxing and helps people to reconnect back to their essence. We then can choose to live from that connection (or not), in respect and honoring of the body – deepening our levels of care for ourselves and our bodies.

In addition Eunice offers Chakra-puncture and Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy as two other esoteric healing modalities that are restorative and deeply relaxing.

These consultations are NOT a replacement for standard medical/surgical consultations, investigations and treatment but are in addition to them. No claims are made as to the efficacy of any of these consultations or healing modalities and it is for the client to feel whether it is of benefit to them or not.


Self-care Consultations

Eunice runs self-care programmes for groups but she can also provide one to one self-care advice and consultations. Learn how to live with less stress and more energy, vitality, wellbeing and joy. Your body will thank you for it!

Eunice provides consultations at Source Wellbeing Centre, 330 Beersbridge Road, Belfast BT5 5DY
Contact Eunice Minford to arrange an appointment via email or phone 07770414758