The Root of all Evil….

We have witnessed horrendous acts of terrorism such as the bombing in Manchester, and the Westminster Bridge and London Bridge attacks in London with the so called ‘Islamic state’ claiming responsibility for the killing and maiming of civilians. In Europe we have recently had the vile attack in Barcelona, and last year we saw the aftermath of a lorry in Nice decimating a public gathering, ruthlessly and barbarically killing people in its path knocking them down like skittles with absolutely zero regard for their life. Acts of hatred and pure evil.

Across the world, wars are being fought, people rendered dead, destitute, exiled, maimed for life, injured physically, psychologically and emotionally. The extent of man’s inhumanity to man seems unending and ever-increasing in its ferociousness and extent – we have used our so called intelligence to advance from killing one person at a time with a bow and arrow or sword to be able to annihilate hundreds of thousands of people at a time with just one nuclear bomb. And we think this is progress? We pride ourselves on the intelligence that can devise ways to annihilate more and more of our fellow human beings. How distorted and warped is that type of thinking? 
I recently watched the television series “The State” on channel 4 – about a group of young Muslims who travel to Syria from UK to join the radical ‘Islamic State’. It is a brutal and gruelling watch – made all the moreso because it is based on reports of how it actually is and not just a made-up excessive dramatisation. Whippings, beheadings, mass slaughter, gross inequality, oppression of women, slavery, rape of women and children, suicide bombing, inhumane prison conditions, torture and abuses of many kinds are all portrayed and performed in the name of Allah.

That such profoundly evil acts can be performed in the name of Allah, God, the divine, is itself a crime – to take the name of the One that is pure Love, that unifies and holds all equally with and in love, and attribute to it acts that come from hate, separation, anger, hurt and all that is not Love is a gross distortion of truth to say the least and in itself absolute evil.

Evil is ANYTHING that keeps us in separation from the truth of who we truly are – and who we truly are is Love. The Kingdom of God is within, the God love is, we are. For evil can only have its way with us and act through us when we are in separation to the love we are. When we reconnect with that love, we know without doubt that every other human being on the planet is that love also – even those who commit such atrocious acts of evil as described above….. but of course they are not living from that love and are ignorant of it and most likely have experienced a childhood devoid of true love and which was probably abusive in one way or another.  

The problem is we have not been told, or shown or had it reflected to us in our upbringing that we ARE love. Man’s inhumanity to man stems from the ignorance of this fact – and the hidden or sometimes not so hidden beliefs that we are not worthy, that we are sinners, bad, not good enough and a whole host of other beliefs we can hold about ourselves that hold us as lesser in some way as a result of the messages we have received in our upbringing and through our education and religious teachings etc.

And religion in particular has an important role to play – and can be a means for people to know and connect to the truth of who they are or it can be a means to keep people lesser, as sinners, not good enough and in that lesser state, evil can work through the body of the person who is not claimed in the truth of who they are. The extent of that evil can vary greatly, from for example, an expression of anger to a vile atrocity – a spectrum exists from seemingly mild to severe of evil expressions and acts  – but energetically it is all in separation to the love that we are, and therefore, all evil.

As such we all have experienced and know what it’s like to express in a way that is not loving or respectful and part of our learning is to come to know that we are love, and then to live from and express from that love. It is important to realise that whilst evil can come through any of us when we are disconnected from the truth of who we are, no-one is in fact evil or born evil – everyone is love – but if that love is not lived or known then for sure we can be channels for evil (in its many guises) to come through us, and for which we are of course responsible.

Religion has also been bastardised and distorted to mean things it does not mean – to make it about rules, doctrine and dogma, rituals of one kind or another, beliefs about God rather than the lived knowing of God. Many of course, have felt the lack of truth in institutionalised religion and have walked away – some just from the institution but others from both the institution and God – albeit, a false portrayal of God.

I did the same myself – threw God and religion out the window at a young age and was convinced I would never have anything to do with either of them ever again. And I didn’t go near them for over 20 years and I could say I still don’t – in the form that they were presented to me as a child. The religion and God that I know today is very different to the religion and God of my childhood years. I can look back and say that I felt the lack of truth in what I was presented with as a child about God and hence why I rejected it and rightly so – but the lack of truth about God, about myself, led me to live a Godless life that resulted in acts and behaviours I would not partake in today.

It led to an existential crisis, with a head full of questions and a body suffering from an overload of ingesting excessive toxins of one kind or another, be it from food, alcohol, cigarettes, emotions etc. How different my life might have been had the truth of God and myself been reflected, taught, demonstrated to me? Thankfully, I have found the truth about God (and myself) and my life has changed and transformed as a result and continues to do so. Even so, I also know there is still a part of me that wants to do life my way, to make the choices I want irrespective of whether they are truly loving or not….and that part is the stubborn, prideful spirit that resists surrendering in full to the love of the soul. Too much my will instead of Thy will! A work in progress for sure….

Imagine if every religion taught the fact that God is love and we too are that love and therefore worth loving and caring for to the bone and beyond – and taught the way of living that builds that love in the body…..so that we each develop a loving way of living based on the truth of what love is and who we are….. the world would be a very different place, I reckon.

 Instead we currently have religions across the world that keep us contracted, feeling lesser, not enough, sinners, that perpetuate separation from the Source of All. Not only that, we have religions that portray a message about God that is simply not true.

To bastardise the name of God, Allah, Yahweh, or any name that refers to the divine source of all, to attribute to God, qualities and acts that are not Godly but represent all that is not God is the root of evil that perpetuates the separation from who we truly are. For in that portrayal, people are not given the opportunity to reconnect with and know the truth of who they are – to know that they are love, a love that naturally loves all equally and cannot be otherwise. If everyone truly lived the truth of who they are, the love that they are, there could be no war, violence, bombs, suicide, hate, torture, beheadings, whippings, killing and all the manifestations of man’s inhumanity to man that arise from the bastardisation of God.

Ignorance of God, means ignorance of self and vice versa – if we know who we truly are, we know God and we know who everyone else is also.  Not only would it eradicate vile acts but it would lead to a quality of living that far surpasses what we can imagine – where love, respect and decency in our interactions come first and foremost, a level of joy and vitality that most only dream of, an ease within ourselves and a cessation of always seeking more…..more achievements, more degrees, more cars, holidays, stuff, stuff and more stuff….in attempt to fill up the emptiness, whilst at the same time, working harder than ever before without getting drained or depleted….having a level of consistency and steadiness within no matter what is going on outside. All stemming from the quality of relationship we have with ourselves and God.

Religion is actually about the relationship we have with ourselves and all of life including God, with the foundation of that relationship being love.

And so of course the forces of evil will continue to portray forms of God and Religion that are not true in order to keep people away from knowing the truth about God and who they are – they will also continue to attack that which is true for the same reason – to prevent people from accessing a true source of wisdom and history shows it has always been thus. People who were ahead of their time and presented truth about God were often rejected, vilified, called a heretic etc by the masses who were not connected to the same source of truth – having been fed lies about God through the religion of the day. These lies perpetuate the separation from God/Soul/Essence that is the root of all evil for there can be no opening for evil when we live in the fullness of who we truly are – a divine, glorious, light and love filled Son of God.


So any form of religion be it Christian, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism etc that teaches and preaches that God punishes or wills any form of harm upon another, that God is a judge that rewards and condemns, that presents any form of ‘them and us’,  the saved and unsaved, that sees human beings as unworthy, sinners, evil or indeed as anything less than a Son of God is complicit in perpetuating the evil that is manifest in the world today. And yet each religion also has truth within it – but it requires a discerning heart to feel and know that which comes from false ideals and beliefs about God and that which comes from the lived knowing of God, from, with and in love, from our One Father.

The anti-dote to evil is love – not a wishy washy, soppy romantic love with pink fluffy clouds, flowers or sickly niceness, but a love that loves all equally, is universal and unifying, holds all as the divine Sons of God they are, and lives that love in every daily choice, every movement, that aligns to the love that God is, and surrenders to Thy will, not my will, be done.

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  • Reply
    Anne Malatt
    2nd October 2017 at 5:52 am

    Gorgeous article, Eunice…says it all, really.

  • Reply
    Aidan Lavery
    12th October 2017 at 4:29 pm

    A well articulated article that takes the seemingly complex and renders it very simple.

  • Reply
    Simon Cant
    25th November 2017 at 3:56 pm

    Thank you Eunice, However it does seem that these awful acts are the extension of the lesser awful violence of the powers of the western cultures. I was at a lecture at the IGA this week and he used the term violence and in the context of groups how they are “voicing” something of society (the discussion was about the poor, disenfranchised and prison populations). Therefore not disputing your points the question seems how do we individually grow “rising up” out of this place of mutual destruction. The very institutions of care seem in my experience of working in them, seem to perpetuate the violence/ destruction of the state at this time and is increasing in its ferocity. I am very worried by our own states inhumanity at the moment, as there are a lot of historical comparisons to be made.

  • Reply
    Sylvia Brinkman
    14th December 2017 at 6:16 pm

    I always love to read your words Eunice as I don’t see it often that someone being in science as a surgeon (did study and work in science) is so open for the spherical existence of all. Blessed are the people who get operated by you.
    And what you bring in this blog is for me also very true. There are true elements on the teachings of the diverse religions but it is asked to discern the truth from the lies we also find in them. We all know if we stay loyal to our body and feel. As our body is the marker of truth.

  • Reply
    Julie Chung
    19th December 2017 at 7:30 pm

    Imagine if every religion taught the fact that God is love and we too are that love and therefore worth loving and caring for to the bone and beyond – Yes, just imagine Eunice, we would experience a very different world indeed. Thank-you for sharing on this topic, it is pure gold.

  • Reply
    Michael Goodhart
    17th September 2018 at 3:16 am

    What becomes so very evident after reading this great expose’ on what is ‘evil’ in the world is just how much the manipulation of the true definitions of words is probably one of the most massive evils there can be on this planet, as it then affects how people live their lives for potentially thousands of years to come if they believe the bastardisation of the word (such as God and religion). What Eunice has done here is to re-claim the truth of these words and once we take responsibility for every little expression that goes against the love that we really are, evil will slowly but surely be wiped clean of this Earth once and for all. This may take thousands of years, but is our inevitable destiny.

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