The Normalisation of Corruption

It is a sad reflection and indictment on human society that everywhere we look today there is corruption to such an extent that it is considered ‘normal’ and no big deal.

The UK recently voted for a Prime Minister who is factually known to regularly lie, mislead and whose misdemeanours would have previously rendered him unsuitable for such a position, or if discovered after the event, would result in resignation. The days of politicians resigning for being involved in corrupt and unethical or immoral acts seem few and far between these days on either side of the Atlantic or the Irish Sea – the approach being to ride out the storm and just keep going. The plethora of lies from the mouths of politicians is totally sickening – the supremacy that says, ‘I can say whatever I want with no accountability or responsibility and because I think you are stupid enough to believe every word I say.’ Even within just one short week of victory, promises are being broken and reneged upon as the newly delivered power delivers a licence to basically ‘do as I please no matter what I said before’ and irrespective of the consequences.

Why do we accept this corruption?

Why do we accept lie after lie?

Why do we vote for a charlatan to be Prime Minister or President?

Why do we accept such a low level of responsibility, accountability and integrity in public office?

Politics is just one sphere but there are many more. Everyone knows the media as a whole is corrupt even though there are pockets of true journalists acting and reporting with integrity. Even the apparent bastion of impartiality, the BBC, was well exposed in its lack of impartiality in this election. When videos are being doctored and news manufactured to construct a particular narrative, rather than report the facts, then who or what are we to believe? Whilst many people will say, ‘you can’t believe what you read in the papers/hear on the news’ – we still buy the papers and listen to the news! Imagine if we all voted with our feet and stopped buying papers and watching the news until some honesty and integrity is restored? But we don’t.

Why do we accept this corruption?

Why do we accept this outpouring of fake news and manufactured news?

Why do we accept such a low level of responsibility, accountability and integrity in the media? 

Corruption in politics and media is not new, indeed they perhaps lead the way in the professions where corruption is now just accepted, normalised, no big deal – it’s just the way it is.

But what about the other professions, which traditionally were lauded and respected and held in high esteem? Sadly, they too have fallen prey to the corruption bug.

We only have to read the stories of the ‘Secret Barrister’ who tells it as it is from inside the legal profession, to see that the legal system is not about truth and justice – it is a game, an expensive game in more ways than one, where winning at any cost is the prize. Lives and reputations of decent honest people can be ruined, criminality can be sanctioned and perpetrators go unpunished, and what one might consider to be ‘unbelievable’ becomes reality.

The illusion that the law is there to find ‘the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth’ is well and truly busted – it is a lie, a myth and a fantasy.

Undoubtedly, as there is within each profession, there are those who have done and do work with a true intent, but when taken as a whole, as a system, the stench of corruption is all too apparent. Corruption here does not just apply to dodgy practices of course, but is much deeper – it is the corruption of the true purpose of law that smells so vile, where truth is relegated to the dustbin.

Why do we accept this corruption?

Why do we accept the bastardisation of the true purpose of the law?

Why do we accept the annhilation of the value of Truth?

Why do we accept such a low bar from our legal profession? (pun intended)

Of course, then there is my own profession of medicine and sadly we too are tainted by corruption, greed, scientific misconduct and supremacy. The whole field of evidence based medicine has been called out for its many biases, flawed research, sponsored science, and corrupt practices. Again, like the law, the corruption here is not just in the obvious ways just mentioned but is the corruption of the true purpose and understanding of medicine that sees it narrowed into a reductionist approach to life and the human body, devoid of the understanding of who we truly are and the true science and art of healing. The supremacy that excludes all other disciplines and ways of knowing about the body and life that have not been sanctioned by a reductionist scientism approach.

Why do we accept this corruption?

Why do we accept a corrupted reductionist approach to life and the human being and body that clearly is not delivering the healing we so clearly need?

Why are we not screaming from the rooftops for true answers given the vast levels of suffering and illness and disease across the world? 

Why do we accept such flawed, biased, corrupt reductionist science by scientists and medics, who should know better? 

So much corruption – it permeates every sphere of life it seems with no profession untainted. I have only mentioned a few here but many more could be added to the list. Why is this so? What is the root of all this corruption?

What if the root ill at the heart of all corruption is the false, dare I say corrupted, stories we have been sold and told about who we are and who God is? What if the bastardisation of God, in its many forms, is the foundation of all corruption because of the ill-effects such stories have on the human heart and the human being? 


For when the human heart and the human being are corrupted by being told ‘you are a sinner’, ‘you are unworthy,’ and ‘you will be sent to hell’ and ‘ you must beg for forgiveness’ and has experiences full of hurts, wounds and abuses, and a life void of the true all embracing, all accepting, all beholding love of God then it is but a hop, skip and a jump to a corrupt way of living that focuses on me and mine, that is fuelled by greed, power and lust to fill up the inner void and quieten the inner silent scream of agony that torments underneath.

We get the politicians we vote for – they are a reflection of us as a society – and that says a lot about society as a whole and the depth of corruption that we have and accept.

We accept this corruption and choose this corruption because we have all been corrupted to believe we are less than who we truly are, and in some cases not just less, not just not good enough, but unlovable, unworthy, evil sinners or some similar version thereof. How we see ourselves, what we believe to be true about ourselves, even if it is ultimately lies, influences our behaviours and our choices.

It becomes all too easy to see how the quaking insecure little boy strives to become  ‘somebody’,  and seeks power and prestige, perhaps as Prime Minister or President, because their inner sense of self has been so negated and corrupted they have no idea who they truly are and they have to bolster their sense of self and self-importance by any means possible – often via the use money, sex, power or any combination thereof.

We have been corrupted to believe lies are true and the truth is lies.


That is worth repeating.


We have been corrupted to believe lies are true and the truth is lies.

We have been corrupted so much that when someone presents the truth about life, God and who we are and how to live life lovingly, responsibly and with true integrity they are vilified and portrayed to be an evil monster and the exact opposite of who they truly are – a deeply wise, loving, caring human being who knows exactly to a tee the how and why of corruption and its unfathomable depths. And so it has ever been – those who bring to mankind the truth of life, God and how to live it are often not recognised as the true teachers they are until after their death, sometimes centuries later.

When we accept we have all been corrupted by a false understanding of who we are, and who and what God is, we can perhaps be open to considering there is another way. A way that is founded upon the truth that God is love and we are love, that shows us how to live in a way that is truly loving of ourselves and all others equally, a way that is void of corruption in all its forms and sniffs out the least stench of it in the way we move, speak, think, act or express. What a different world that would be.

We are not unworthy, unlovable sinners, but truly amazing, super-intelligent, very aware, highly sensitive, deeply caring, profoundly loving beings – we are Sons of God. We are so horrendously corrupted that such a statement can be seen as poppy-cock, woo-woo, utopian, unreal, unbelievable nonsense – rather than the actual statement of fact and energetic truth it is.  

It is our choice – to cease our own corrupt ways of thinking and moving and expressing based on individuality, me/mine, greed, power, lust, ideals and more and begin to move with grace, speak with love, act with integrity, and express the love of God in all our ways of living. In this way we may develop a society founded upon truth instead of lies, love instead of judgement, and integrity instead of abuse.

Perhaps then we can restore a world where corruption is null and void and bring back the true purpose to all our great professions, with politicians, journalists, lawyers, doctors and ministers who live the truth that always lives in the inner heart of all.

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  • Reply
    Dragana Brown
    28th December 2019 at 4:34 pm

    great article Eunice. Corruption is pandemic but the saddest thing I find in all that you’ve described is that we, the major complainants about corruption are also its biggest protectors. As a whole and on a large scale we are not really all that keen to demand truth and nothing but the truth in all areas of our lives. As someone has said in relation to gun laws all big changes have always come from people, not from politicians. It is as I view it; life according to the good old trading ‘law’ of demand and supply. We need to wake up. Big time. Thanks for writing this.

  • Reply
    29th December 2019 at 2:15 pm

    Thank you for this article. You are right corruption is everywhere but I think people are crying for change but have been let down by the churches misrepresentation of the truth, the Light is the truth and you rightly state it is in all and has been so wrong to tell people otherwise.

  • Reply
    29th December 2019 at 8:39 pm

    Corruption is so ubiquitous in this world we live in that it can be hard to see the woods from the trees so to speak when you’re in it. In the past this has left me numb and desensitised to the everyday saturation of lies and atrocities which ultimately shape our lives, to the point where we become undeniably complicit in enabling all that we claim to hate. It can be so easy to accept the seeming powerlessness, but the truth is, as you elude to Eunice, in our inner most hearts we are powerful beyond comprehension, and equal to God in his absoluteness. And by reconnecting to this place within us, the magnificence of who we truly are can be relived once again. This is no longer a far out concept for me but a lived reality and a realignment and resolve that strengthens day by day, to live with my inner light ‘fully on’ in my simple, natural way. In this way I illuminate the ground for my own humble feet to walk in truth, and assume full responsibility for every single footprint I leave on this planet

  • Reply
    Gayle Cue
    29th December 2019 at 9:54 pm

    Unfortunately, I knew this to be true – that corruption has become normalised. So normalised that I was resigned to accepting it as the way things are in the world. But somehow after reading your article, a well presented case of it being everywhere we look, I can’t sit back and go “oh well, nothing I can do about that.” I can now see the root of the corruption and it is our individualism. Moving forward, I have a plan – to be part of The Plan.

  • Reply
    Joseph Barker
    7th January 2020 at 11:20 pm

    So true – and brilliantly put Eunice. We often look around at our own lives and fail to see the link between how we are and what unfolds in society. If we do open our eyes to this possibility, it’s still with the taint that this corruption is ‘human nature’ and something to be ashamed of. Until we confront the fact of our underlying divinity we’ll always be founding our day on a lie, which only ever can beget more deception of the same kind.

  • Reply
    9th May 2021 at 3:58 pm

    I got a real sense of society reading this: that the majority of people find corruption easy to live with because it makes no demands for true responsibility on us. So the politicians, the medical system, the judicial systems and all the systems of society will be corrupt because we are actually asking for it. Now that’s sobering.

    It seems to me that I need to live with integrity, and stop reacting to the blatant corruption abound. Not just because reactions add to the emotional turmoil corruption creates, but because I’ve been as irresponsible as the rest. Really seeing how , not so I can admonish myself, but rather the opposite, to address those areas where I am not allowing myself to be loving and caring.

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