The Taboo of Love…

When I started my period of searching and seeking for answers to some of the bigger questions in life, approximately 8/9 years ago, I read voraciously many books about God, life, philosophy, the human condition, ‘spirituality’, religion, personal development and so on. In addition, I attended many workshops and talks on similar subjects – seeking answers for why life is the way it is, how I had come to be where I was and perhaps more importantly, how I could extricate myself from that place. 

The language used varied from New Age speak referring to a Universal Mind or Intelligence to the more traditional religious language utilising the words God and spirit for example. Just when I thought I had begun to get a grasp of an understanding of ‘how it is’, along would come another interpretation or variation that would not fit into the previous picture. This was most apparent to me during the time I delved into the various religions and their texts whilst at the Interfaith Seminary as it was then known. Each had their words of wisdom and yet each also had aspects that did not feel true or resonate as Truth to me. Apart from getting confused by it all I would also get frustrated at the many interpretations and variations that would conflict with each other.  Of course these have resulted in the ‘them’ and ‘us’ religious battles that have been going on for centuries. There is no doubt that religion as it stands today has been a great separative force amongst humanity, responsible for countless wars, battles, murders, genocide, imprisonment, torture, condemnations, judgements, criticisms and petty wranglings and much more besides. Even within N. Ireland we had the crazy position of so-called Christians fighting and killing other Christians! Yet to be truly Christed is to embody the love of God and to know each other as a Son of God – thus killing would not come into it.

Where I found the resonance of Truth within each of the religions is where they were conveying something of the Truth about Love, about the wisdom of the heart…..but these truths would get tainted by the mish-mash of interpretations and other writings that were not from that same source. It seemed to me that somewhere, somehow there was a way to understand life, that there was a Truth or set of Truths that could be known and indeed had been known and lived by sages down through the Ages and I was not going to leave any stone unturned until I found that Truth. For me, that Truth had to be applicable to all people everywhere – not just a select few, it had to be universal in application and consequence and to be consistent over time. 

One of the main teachings of most spirtual/religious traditions is that the Truth is not ‘out there’ somewhere but is deep inside oneself. The word ‘esoteric‘ means ‘innermost’ or ‘from within’ and refers to that innermost place that is the inner heart.  Thus esoteric philosophy and the esoteric/Ageless Wisdom teachings as presented by Serge Benhayon are based on the wisdom of the inner heart, the wisdom and intelligence of Love rather than the intelligence of the mind as we currently know it. They are also based on understanding what is going on energetically and how that ultimately impacts us physically. As they are based on what is happening energetically, there is no sphere of life that is left out, they are all encompassing. 

At last, with a deep sense of joy, I felt I had found answers to my questions that above all else, made sense – even if initially some of them challenged my pre-understandings and beliefs. This was not some New Age hotch potch but Ancient Truths that were presented in the language and the energy of the current era. Fundamentally they are understandings of life, of God, of the human condition as known by Love. Indeed it could be said that there is a science of Love, for there are energetic laws that form this science of Love and yet it is a science that most scientists would baulk at, snigger at, ridicule and dismiss with a raucous laugh. For them, Love is an emotion, something for the bedroom, for the home life, the family – not for the serious business of a scientific place of work where only so-called objective evidence is permitted. If one dares to bring up the topic of Love, one risks being dismissed as a hippy chick, flower power crazy person who floats on pink fluffy clouds, owns several cats, talks about auras and who thinks a group hug will solve everything or one could be considered just a bit flaky, unhinged, weird or wired depending on the mood….but definitely not to be taken seriously and definitely not a serious doctor or scientist – that is unthinkable! So yes, there is a taboo with regards to talking about Love in a scientific or a medical arena and of course these are not the only professions where that taboo lies but they are the ones I am familiar with. I know this to be true from both sides of the camp, so to speak, as someone who previously would have been dismissive of anything to do with Love in the workplace out of sheer ignorance and arrogance around what Love is and is not and now as someone who is endeavouring to bring the understandings of Love to all aspects of my life, including the workplace.   I suspect that other professions like education, politics and law to name but a few have a similar taboo on Love in the workplace as well. 

In addition within medicine there is a growing recognition of the importance of including the spiritual dimension in a holistic approach to healthcare. Much research has been published particularly in the USA suggesting that there are health benefits for those who have a religious or spiritual dimension in their lives BUT what exactly this is due to has not been elucidated by them. Even amongst those who have an interest in this area there is often talk about God and the spiritual dimension as some ineffable quality, some mystery that cannot be known without any recognition or mention of Love. Yet God is Love and it is by knowing this Love within oneself, for as the Master Jesus said, ‘the Kingdom of God is inside you’ that God can be known.  Therefore, it makes no sense to talk about God or the spiritual dimension without talking about Love. So even here, it seems like there is a taboo to talk about Love and a lack of awareness of what that Love truly is.   

Yet how much simpler would it be, would life be, if instead of teaching about different religions and philosophies that ultimately separate man, we were taught the Livingness of Love, the true energetic laws of Love, the Science of Love? If each person was taught how to locate this wisdom for themselves, to know that they are Love and to know how to live in a way that is loving of self and other equally? For the essence of these laws is simple, even if not easy initially to apply and live on a consistent daily basis. Love is a true power that heals, that unifies and connects and thus if all were aware of how to live from this source, there is no doubt that life on earth would be transformed. 

The perspective of life totally changes when one sees with the eyes of Love, hears with the ears of Love, touches with the hands of Love and feels with a Heart-full of Love. The scientist imbued with this Love works to serve humanity as a whole and thus could not develop any weapon of mass destruction or anything that is toxic or harming to the human frame. Competition is transformed into co-operation, the interpersonal difficulties are seen in a new light and there is much more acceptance and understanding of where people are at. The ways that the Love-embodied scientists, doctors, politicians, lawyers, teachers etc could influence humanity are manifold, as all work for the benefit of mankind as a whole and not just for individual concern and well-being. 

Indeed, the question needs to be asked, if the Truth of these laws is simple to understand, has been present for aeons, has been lived and demonstrated by sages throughout the Ages, can be located within each person,  presents an understanding of life that is all encompassing and leads to true wellbeing and vitality – why is there such a taboo around Love ?? why is there such mis-understanding around what Love is and is not?? Is it possible that the word Love itself has been so bastardised, so mis-interpreted, so mis-understood that today we have no true understanding of what Love really is and thus an ‘anything goes’ mish-mash of what Love is and is not has infiltrated our understanding, our vocabulary and our attitudes?? Is it possible that there is a force or a consciousness that would prefer to keep us ignorant of our true nature and ignorant of the Truth about Love and whose purpose is served by having a conglomeration of interpretations and bastardisations around Love?? Something worth pondering perhaps. 

Thus is it possible that the scientist who is dismissive of Love in the workplace does so based on false interpretations of what Love is rather than the Truth of what Love is?? For he/she do so clearly in the ignorance of the fact that their own essence is Love and thus whether they like it or not, they are expressing either the Love that they are or the Lovelessness they are not, in the workplace everyday with every word they speak, with every movement they make and with every look they give and in every experiment or procedure they perform. 

Of course this is true for all of us, even when we know we are Love this does not mean we find it easy to express that in every moment. We have built such a momentum of expressing in separation to the Love that we are, that that often seems more natural, more normal than expressing from the Love that we are – which is crazy…. and not in fact true for to express from Love is to express from your true nature, from who you truly are and thus is very natural and normal. I know I can get frustrated or irritated at work when things don’t go how I would like or expect them to, I can get affected and stressed by work situations and in those times I know I do not always express lovingly!! For sure it is a work in progress that requires conscious effort on my part to keep building and expressing from Love and I recognise that as I do, shifts occur.

However, that is my endeavour, just as it is my endeavour to break the taboo around Love, to use a forum like this to express the Truth about Love and how it serves all areas of life and provides a complete understanding of why things are the way they are, why life is The Way It Is. Of course, whilst writing a blog or talking about Love has a purpose in helping to break the taboo of Love in the workplace for example, the best way to break it is by living it, living love, through the quality of one’s presence and expression on a daily basis. The livingness of Love is felt in the quality of one’s expression be that in healing words, the tenderness of one’s touch, the gracefulness of movement, the fiery depth of one’s eyes with the ability to see another for who they truly are, to hold all others as equal and a lightness of being that is playful, joyful and harmonious…..so what’s not to love about Love? And not a pink fluffy cloud in sight!

However, there are on the horizon pockets of light and slowly things are changing as science begins to uncover more and more about the heart and the ‘brain in the heart’. Thus the heart is coming to be recognised by some scientists as a much more powerful and intelligent organ than they had previously surmised with influence throughout the body – yet the Ageless wisdom teachings have been saying this for aeons! However, it is not necessary to wait for science to affirm what can be known by oneself if one chooses to go within and feel the stillness of Love that there resides and to live according to the impulses of that Love that holds all in equalness. 

Have you felt the taboo of Love in your workplace or elsewhere? Feel free to share your experiences or comment below on anything that arises for you in this blog. 



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    Dragana Brown
    9th July 2012 at 1:56 pm

    Yesterday I cought last 10-15 min of an episode of Adam’s family – I had never watched the programme before, but little that I saw yesterday had some very powerful messages and one of love too.
    A girl of about 10-12 who is a member of Adam’s family (I assume since she was all dressed in black and looked and behaved like other members of the family) is sitting on a wall next to a young boy (similar age) but evidently not a member of Adam’s family. He keeps getting closer to her (physically) and suddenly pops a question: “Do you think you will want to marry one day”? She responds in a gentle yet very matter of fact manner: “No”. He gets a tad closer to her and asks again: “But if a guy loves you more than anybody on this earth and he would do ANYTHING for you and I mean ANYTHING, then how would you feel”? She turns towards him, looks him in the eyes and in a most beautiful and serene way says: “I would pity him.”

    But how many of us have been ‘suckers’ for emotional love instead of true love – I know I have, and not that long ago! Re learning to self love and love from the space where true, non-emotional love resides,is an ongoing process for me…
    Thank you for sharing Eunice. With love, Dragana

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    Bernadette Glass
    9th July 2012 at 11:45 pm

    Dear Eunice,
    you are writing with such clarity of expression. It is true service. A metaphor came to me again when I was reading your article, The Taboo of Love… It relates to all the ideals, beliefs meaning systems, spiritual dogmas and quests that you have mentioned above to keep us from knowing true love.

    We have been sold a ‘lemon’ to suck, the juice of which we have been convinced is sweet. We have blindly accepted that it is sweet and defend our interpretation of sweet to ‘fit in’ and to live a fulfilled life according to what society demands.

    However if we stop and feel what the lemon juice tastes like, there’s nothing sweet about it. But we add sweet substances to it and promote the sweetened substance just to convince ourselves and others that we are on the right path, instead of feeling the truth. How ‘sucked’ in have we been?

    We have re connected with Universal Truth through Serge Benhayon and that is a homecoming.

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    Lee Green
    10th July 2012 at 12:32 am

    hi Eunice, amazing article. I have been feeling of late how much that lack of love and everyone’s non-acceptance of it just feeds and feeds the lack of love that we all choose to live in. The intention of every thing a person chooses to live is merely based on Need of Self above all else and this creates that constant Dynamic …defensiveness, selfishness, control, distraction from the agony that this eventually brings up. And this all in one day…
    Working in the field of hospitality i have realised that on a basic level we as people do not take the opportunity to act on the most basic of interactions that is natural and in response to the love that we ultimately are and come from.
    It is amazing how an interaction between two people over the purchase of a beverage or meal has the potential to be volatile, empty, one sided etc. This transaction repeated over and over in every facet of life breeds this inherently in our world.
    When one connects to love there is only that possibility, all else ceases and it is easy to embrace the other person. Even in their pain they get to feel the Truth of the interaction, a genuine interaction from love with no goal or gain at it’s heart.
    This taboo of love stretches deep into the minds of men and women of all ages and is a fascination for me to observe and be with as i interact with all walks of life. A lot to be with and keep my eyes and heart open to. Thank you for your amazing insights
    with love and gratitude, Lee

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    10th July 2012 at 12:42 am

    whilst reading this I was reminded of the craziness of what was presented at the school of Counselling I went through. We were encouraged to NOT talk about love as there were too many versions and interpretations of love, and we may alienate the client.REALLY? Would not the client already be totally alienated from themselves if they were living by one of the many false versions of love. We were also encouraged not to ask the question WHY of clients, as this may get them thinking too much rather than feeling. My suspicion was, and subsequently my observation has been that if you ask why it gets the person feeling that which they haven’t been wanting to feel, which they have at all costs been trying to avoid. Could it be that their false version of love has supported this avoidance? If it were true love, it would have them looking for how to come back to love.
    So in a “so-called” helping profession it was suggested we don’t cross that bridge, rather let people stay in the confused mess, look as though we care, make sounds that sound like we care, but really offer no TRUE care and love, because we are not going to make it about love……CRAZY!
    This just exposes the consciousness driving that school as with so many other institutions; so highlights the RESPONSABILITY we have to present the truth of love in its simplicity, because the truth is it is simpler and much less complicated than the confusion and complication which abounds with all the other “versions of love”.

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    10th July 2012 at 1:13 am

    Hi Eunice,
    I really appreciate this post, I hadn’t thought about it so clearly until you wrote this but yes we are willing to consider anything but love in our quest for answers. I have noticed even since becoming an esoteric student I have sometimes still slipped back into thinking everything would be ok if I ‘knew ‘ the answer like its as simple as researching for an assignment, rather than connecting to the LOVE first and letting that guide me. When I am totally connected to the Love, life becomes so much easier and work is a truely joyous experience. When I am totally connected, there is no taboo of love either , the staff I work with , the clients, young and old, all feel it and there is no resistance and I sense there is also an unconscious remembrance of yes that is what we all come from and wish to return to. Beats searching through books or having arguments about what is the answer any day!
    With much love

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    Melinda Rowe
    10th July 2012 at 1:41 am

    The Truth about Love so wonderfully expressed …thank you Eunice. Such simply clarity on a topic that causes so much confusion… With love, Melinda.

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      The Soulful Doctor
      10th July 2012 at 10:54 pm

      Thanks for all your comments – it highlights to me that I’ve really only scratched the surface of this topic. Just using the word Love is a taboo in many circles irrespective of whether that Love is true or not eg Annette’s example of counselling courses.  Then even when the word itself can be used there is whole other area of discourse re what Love is and is not. Hence even when people think that what they are doing is consistent with Love, it can turn out to not be so when understood energetically. We’ve all been there as Love has been so bastardised, mis-interpreted etc that we’ve all fallen for the emotional love – that is not actually Love as it truly is. So I feel there just might be a few more entries on this subject or aspects of this subject coming to a blog near you!! Thanks again for bringing up these different aspects. 

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