Selling off the NHS

Last night I watched this documentary by Peter Bach about the Sell-off of the NHS. It exposes the extensive corruption in political and government circles that is leading to the dismantling of the NHS step by step. The NHS provides cheaper, more cost-effective healthcare than the US with better results but the government persist with going down the route of the US model. You might ask why? Well it has nothing to do with patient care that’s for sure. But when you realise that over 200 politicians have links to private health care companies that might provide a clue…..yes money and greed are the underlying motivators in this story. Those who speak up about it experience attempts to silence and intimidate them. Of course professional apathy and burnt out doctors play into the hands of their agenda – and before we know it, too many irreversible steps will have been taken. A recent Bill apparently did away with the longstanding legal obligation of the government to support the NHS – what more clear indication do we need of their agenda?

This film was made to help raise awareness of what is happening. If you care about preserving the NHS, founded on the premise that care would be equal for all and based on need and not ability to pay, then please watch and share….and help to raise awareness of the extent of corruption that is on the verge of destroying the NHS. It needs the people who vote to speak up and not accept these underhand tactics motivated by pure greed. For once the UK follows the US model it opens the doors for other countries to follow suit and more gold in the pockets of the private investors.  

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