Red wine myth

Just an update on the alcohol debate – medicine or poison? The Alcohol Policy Coalition has challenged research that suggests red wine is good for the heart. They report that the harm of alcohol outweighs any perceived benefits and that ‘every drinking occasion contibutes to the lifetime risk of harm from alcohol.’

The Coalition, which includes the Australian Drug Foundation, Heart Council and Cancer Council of Victoria, conclude that ‘red wine had no special protective properties’ and that any positive effects of alcohol in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease have been hugely over-estimated’.

At last the truth about the harm of alcohol is coming to the fore. Of course, we do not need research to tell us this – personal experience demonstrates very clearly that alcohol is harming to the body and anybody who has had a hangover can testify to this, including myself! Afterall, the body is the marker of truth and it is by listening to the body and its messages that we can feel which substances are harm-full for it.

There are many people including Doctors who have perpetuated the myth that red wine or alcohol in moderation is good for you and many people who continue to use this myth to justify their drinking. At least now people can make a more informed choice about whether to continue poisioning themselves with alcohol or not. Of course, for many it’s not that simple as there are reasons why people drink alcohol and these also need to be addressed if true healing is to occur, such that the desire to drink alcohol is totally annhilated. 

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