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This blog will discuss and share views on topical issues and current affairs pertaining to religion/soulful wisdom/energetic truth and links with health, illness and disease and other forms of human suffering. The posts may share views that combine my medical knowledge and also the energetic understandings based on esoteric philosophy and healing along with personal experience and as such may present views or understandings that are NOT in mainstream evidence-based medicine. They are NOT a replacement for medical advice.  It is therefore for the reader to discern and feel whether they could be true or not and where applicable, whether to live them or not. Those seeking medical advice should consult their doctor.

Please be respectful to others in discussing the ideas/comments and please refrain from ad hominem comments. The blog holder reserves the right to remove posts that are deemed unsuitable or abusive.


Alcohol – medicine or poison?

We all know that excessive alcohol consumption is not good for the human body and can lead to many ailments like cirrhosis of the liver, chronic pancreatitis, alcohol related cardiomyopathy to name only a few. However, two papers recently published in the BMJ are suggesting that moderate alcohol intake may be beneficial to health. A meta-analysis and systematic review suggests that alcohol can improve survival and decrease mortality from cardiac disease. The second paper reports on beneficial changes in inflammatory markers due to alcohol…

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What does ‘Esoteric’ Mean?

As this blog will discuss life issues from an esoteric perspective this first entry will outline what the word esoteric means and also what it does not mean. It is a common misperception that the word esoteric is associated with that which is secret or hidden and only given to a select group of people. Online dictionaries refer to it being for a select group of people, for an initiated or enlightened minority or even a cult. It is also…

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