Multi-symptomatic man: prediction comes true.

This BBC news article highlights the rise of chronic disease and the multi-morbidity or multi-symptomatic man and the fact that the NHS as it stands cannot cope with these patients. It is a summary of this paper by Bruce Guthrie published in the Lancet. 

An analysis of 1.75 million people in Scotland found that nearly half had one or more chronic diseases and nearly  25% had two or more chronic diseases eg diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke etc. Whilst this might be expected in a population that is aging, the actual number of people with multiple conditions was higher in the under 65s – indicating that age alone is not sufficient to explain the rise. So what is really going on?? How can this be in an age when we have supposedly got the most advanced understandings of the human body to date regarding anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and all the specialities and sub-specialities of medicine, when we supposedly have the most advanced understandings of nutrition and how it affects the body, when we have the most advanced surgical, radiological and medical techniques known to mankind – and yet, the under 65s are becoming sicker and sicker???? It doesn’t make sense! 

However, all of this is no surprise to those who have been studying with and attending the workshops/courses presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Serge has been predicitng for many years the rise of the ‘multi-symptomatic man’ and the fact that the modern day health service and doctors would not be able to cope with this rise and these patients – just as the news article now states. So how is this possible? How does someone with no medical training and who does not sit at home each night reading up on the latest medical literature, reliably predict the occurrence of the multi-symptomatic man long before its appearance in any news article and before Doctors themselves were aware of it?? 

As explained in this ‘about Serge’ page, Serge knows what he knows as a result of his connection with his soul, his soul-full embodiment, and with that comes the wisdom of the Ages. If we understand that ultimately everything including us is energy, that we are energetic beings interconnected with ALL that is, then it is possible to understand that someone who can feel clearly (clairsentience) can literally feel the pulse of humanity and know with clarity what the current situation is and what the future holds if we continue along the same path. As a true seer Serge has the ability to feel the pulse of humanity and thus can prophetically predict or feel its trajectory and outcome – unless of course we listen to the seer and choose otherwise! The latter is the gift of the seer, it is not so that they are proven correct, but so that hopefully by listening to them, mankind can choose otherwise and bring forth a different trajectory or outcome. 

Currently we often rely on research after the event to know the consequences of eating this or that, or drinking this or that or how certain emotional states or behaviours affect human physiology and manifest disease. Hence, it seems we are forever playing catch-up – only finding out certain behaviours or habits are good or bad for the human body after we have already been living them for many years! But what if there was a way to understand life and human behaviour where we could forsee the consequences and outcomes of our choices – would that not be worth considering and exploring? Are we committed and mature enough to undertake such an endeavour, such a study of human behaviour to responsibly consider that there is perhaps more to the science of man and life than we currently perceive or even entertain?

The word science comes from the latin ‘scientia’ meaning knowledge and Webster’s New Collegiate dictionary defines science as “knowledge attained through study or practice” and other similar variations exist. This also introduces the epistemological question of how do we know what we know? According to esoteric philosophy and those who live the esoteric energetic truths the greatest source of knowing is through feeling and the ability to feel clearly and takes primacy over the mind and thinking. The primacy of the body and feelings over the mind as a way of knowing what we know is also supported by contemporary neuroscience (subject of a future blog). So what if we were to expand our current scientific approach to include the science of human behaviour, the observation of human behaviour, informed by esoteric knowledge of the human condition and esoteric medicine to accurately predict illness and disease rather than waiting until they were manifested? This could perhaps allow us to make different choices, change our behaviour or lifestyle such that we might prevent the illness/disease. Surely that would be a science worth considering if we are serious about preventing illness and disease? Serge is able to offer accurate predictions based on this type of study or science based on a different way of knowing and understanding the human condition – surely we should be exploring this further rather than dismissing it out of hand because it is not part of current-day mainstream thinking?? 

Medicine/surgery would continue as they are to provide healthcare services but such a science could perhaps have us better equipped to know what is ahead at a collective level and also for the individual. At the individual level, it asks people to consider altering how they are living in order to prevent the illness or disease. However, I know from personal experience that many people do not wish to alter how they are living but just want a quick fix so that they can return to the same ways of living they had before; perhaps not realising that it was those very ways that lead to the illness and disease in the first place. As a humanity are we willing to consider that we are responsible for the ills we create and as such be empowered to take responsbility and do it differently, live differently? Ultimately it is our choice, individually and collectively, for every choice  we make affects the whole. 

In the news article it states that a ‘radical’ change is required, that there needs to be more generalists to oversee the care of these patients whose care is personalised for their needs and conditions rather than being split up into the individual systems or organs. The point is well made that medical training focuses excessively on the individual disease processes rather than the whole patient with the provision of a  truly holistic healing service. The latter however, requires Western medicine to take a more radical approach than even these authors are calling for – it requires Western Medicine to expand its horizons of understanding of the human condtion to include the spiritual dimension, the spirit and the soul, without which it will forever be providing a fragmented approach to medicine and healing. My recent article entitled “Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine – One Surgeon’s Perspective” expands on this and demonstrates how Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine could work in harmony to provide answers and solutions to our current medical dilemmas – if Western Medicine is willing and open to consider other ways of knowing about the human condition, the human body and our woes. 

Esoteric Medicine, as presented by Serge Benhayon, has no difficulty in explaining the rise of the multi-symptomatic man or multi-morbidity as it understands the true nature of the human person and how despite all of the technological and healthcare advances, we are living in ways that are wayward to that true nature, that are harming to the physical body – sometimes even when we think we are doing good to the body. ( See Marathon Madness) Our focus on the mind and intelligence of the mind means we have lost touch with the true wisdom of the heart and the body and how to live in a way that is truly harmonious, truly caring and truly loving of self and other equally so.  

Esoteric Medicine and the Ageless Wisdom teachings as presented by Serge, can help us understand and come to know for ourselves, that our best form of medicine, our best form of healing, is how we live each and every day, how every choice impacts our health and wellbeing. The word ‘every’ means just that – EVERY single choice affects our health and wellbeing, there are no exceptions, no exclusions, no get out of jail free cards – the body will reveal ALL of the choices we make whether we like it or not – and most often we don’t!!

So instead of resisting and denying this fact, as I myself did for many years, why not consider the possibility that it just might be true and put it into practice by making choices that are self-caring eg going to bed early, eating nutritious food, not eating dairy/gluten/alcohol, listening to and honouring how the body feels, dealing with emotions like anger and sadness and the underlying hurts and wounds – and all of that is just for starters! There is so much more to us than the lump of meat or advanced ape that many people think we are, that the return journey to our true glory is one of gradual unfoldment, of daily conscious choices that are self-caring and self-loving and not an overnight quick fix. 

I work in the NHS every day and my personal experience affirms what Serge has predicted and what is now revealed in the medical literature – that we are being presented with more complex patients who have multiple co-morbidities and who are more high risk for surgery. Also through my own journey and wayward living of the past, I also now know it is possible to heal, to change, to transform, by making choices that are honouring of my true nature that is love and not the misperceptions and misbeliefs I previously held about myself, by taking on board the esoteric teachings and living them. As such I also know that Western Medicine could benefit from doing likewise, by being open to the possibility that Esoteric Medicine could assist it in the healing of humanity and perhaps reversing the current trends in illness and disease and multimorbidity that have arisen as a consequence of our wayward living. 

Feel free to share your observations or experiences below.


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    22nd May 2012 at 2:03 am

    So true, we don’t like it at all when our body reveals our choices back, in fact currently the human being doesn’t even see it as that, we prefer to see it as “something that just happened”, seemingly out of nowhere.
    And to add to that, then we expect all available health care to offer the utmost in precision and accuracy when it comes to our care, yet we do not offer ourselves that same precision and care to begin with.
    Most people live offering themselves no TRUE care at all; oftentimes their version of care is in fact that which harms, eg. having a few drinks at the end of the day for a good days work, or maintaining regular exercise to only then ‘trash’ themselves every weekend to extract some fun out of life.
    The question needs to be asked more, “when did we stop loving ourselves, and what happened for us to not even notice?”
    When we can honestly ask this of ourselves, and bring honesty to our own answers then we can begin the process of true healing.
    It can not be left to Health Services alone.

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      The Soulful Doctor
      22nd May 2012 at 9:27 am

      Great points Annette – thanks for posting! 

      I was certainly caught in that way of living as well – thinking I could do whatever I wanted and my body would come along for the ride but not be affected!! So crazy when I think of it now and it seems just like common sense to now accept and realise that all my choices affect my body, health and well-being. It’s amazing how we find it easier to be self-abusive eg drinking, smoking, eating junk food etc rather than being self-caring, self-loving and that so many people consider it weird when we are self-caring! 

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