Food Allergy, Intolerance, Lifestyle or something else?

This article highlights the growing numbers of people who are self-diagnosing a food allergy or intolerance. They suggest that many people may be saying they are allergic when they are intolerant or indeed that many may just be choosing a diet eg gluten and dairy free for ‘lifestyle’ reasons and not for genuine medical reasons. It points out the difference between an allergy where there is a definite immune response and there can be a serious medical condition and an intolerance which does not have the same immune changes and is perhaps more vague in symptoms as well. That said however, they also mention that there has been a significant rise (700% between 1990 and 2004) in children with anaphylactic reactions.

The article mentions that experts are concerned that too many people are self-diagnosing these conditions and restricting food groups that may be important. In addition they hope that people will stop self-diagnosing and refer to experts for advice before restricting foods. 

Unfortunately there continues to be much ignorance around the whole area of diet and how what we eat affects our health and wellbeing. Indeed, not just what we eat, but why we are eating it and how we are eating it will also energetically affect the body but more on that another time.

Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present the energetic fact that ‘the body is the marker of truth’  (SB) and reveals all our choices. It is by listening to our bodies that we can know for ourselves what is harmonious for it and what is not. The more we take the time to really feel how we feel after eating or drinking any substance, the more we will become aware of what is detrimental to the body and its health and what is beneficial for it. 

Is it possible that the rise in consumption of gluten free and dairy free foods is not because of a trendy food fad or a lifestyle choice that has no relevance to one’s health……could it be that people are actually listening to their bodies and feeling the fact that these foods are detrimental to their wellbeing??? Could it be that there is growing awareness around the fact that neither of these substances are well digested by the human form and both are in fact energetically harmful to the human form?? A quick search on the internet will provide a number of articles on the fact that dairy and wheat are ill-digested by humans and have detrimental consequences. 

Of course both the dairy and wheat industries are huge and there are many people who would not want the real truth of how harming they are to be revealed. Thus why people are discouraged from listening to their own bodies and dismissed as just following a fad or a lifestyle choice as mentioned in this article.  

I use to eat everything and anything and I am certainly not one just to follow a fad. I ‘loved’ cheese, bread, wine and many other foods and was in complete ignorance of how they were affecting my body. I totally dismissed or ignored how my body was feeling and perpetually lived ruled by the mind. If I had listened to my body and honoured how it felt, then one hangover should have been enough to say alcohol is harming to my body if it makes me feel like this! Only by over-ruling how the body felt was I able to keep on consuming alcohol for many years. Likewise, feeling bloated after eating bread or heavy and sleepy after a big pasta meal were messages from my body saying this stuff is not so good for me. So when I said I ‘loved’ these foods, the ‘I’ that loved them was the part that was seeking comfort, numbness, distraction, reward, stimulation etc and that ‘I’ is the spirit that acts in disregard to the body. It is by listening to the body that we can come to know what is truly harmonious for it, what is caring and loving for it and what the soul would choose for it – where there is no need for reward and stimulation etc.  Instead we ‘feel what to eat and not eat what we feel’ (MB). So rather than allergy, intolerance, food fad or lifestyle – perhaps the true choice when it comes to food/drink is do we wish to be driven by the wayward spirit in disregard of the body or impulsed by the love of the soul to have a truly harmonious body?? Of course we have been so engrained in our wayward habits of eating and drinking that this takes time to unfold – but ultimately it is a conscious choice we can choose to make….or not!    A truly harmonious body will feel light, vital and vibrant before, during and after eating – providing we put into it foods that are harmonious for it. 

I have just been on holiday and ate foods that were just that and not once did I feel sleepy, heavy or bloated after eating. Fruit, eggs, fresh fish and vegetables lovingly prepared and cooked with garlic and chilli – yum yum! It is not correct to say that taking a dairy free and gluten free diet is cutting out essential food groups – rather it is essential to cut them out if we wish to be truly healthy and vital. Of course you don’t have to take my word for it but you can be your own living experiment – try cutting them out for 3-6 months (it takes time for the body to clear them) and see how you feel. 

Feel free to share your diet experiences eg have you stopped gluten and dairy and if so, why? How have you felt since stopping them? Has there been any change in your body since you stopped them? 

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