E=mc2: Everything is Energy – why do we continue to ignore the energetic truth?

E=mc2 is the most famous equation in the world – yet the world chooses to remain woefully and wilfully ignorant of the meaning and implications of Einstein’s discovery in everyday life. Why is this?

Before addressing that question let us first unpack E=mc2 in order to understand what it is actually saying.

Interestingly, when Einstein first published his paper in 1905 presenting the relationship between mass and energy, he did so using the equation L=mv2, where L represented the ‘living’ energy, m is mass and v is velocity. E=mc2 came into being in 1912, using E for energy and c as the universally recognised symbol for the speed of light. The c comes from celeritas meaning ‘swiftness’ in Latin. The speed of light is known to be a constant irrespective of other conditions, like the speed we move towards or away from the source of it. The speed of light from car headlights for example, is unaffected by the speed of the car.

We all know what light is – or at least we think we do! Light itself is a form of energy called electromagnetic radiation that can exist as particles or waves of energy. A photon is a packet of energy that is the quantum (or smallest) particle of light. Light is fundamental to our survival – our bones and cells need it to thrive, humans deprived of it become depressed, plants and crops need it to grow and supply our food and all the green plants and trees use it to synthesize nutrients from carbon dioxide and water, producing the oxygen we breathe as a byproduct – a very useful byproduct! Since ancient times people revered and even worshipped the sun as a source of light – recognising that our very survival depends upon its presence.

The fact that c is a constant, and itself is a form of energy, leaves us looking at the E=m part of the equation and the relationship between energy and mass. This basically says that mass is the direct measure of the energy contained in a body. E=mc2 is also known as the energy-mass equivalence equation, whereby energy and matter or mass are interchangeable. Energy can be converted into mass and mass can be converted into energy – they are equivalent.

But there is more to it. We tend to think of mass or matter as solid, something we can see, touch and hold and that it is very different to energy, which appears invisible and seemingly more elusive to our human senses. But perhaps one of the greatest illusions that still persists today in the world is this idea that mass or matter is solid – when it is far from it. Even something as solid as a frying pan is ultimately a mass of vibrating energy. As we delve into the pan, we find the iron atom, then the nucleus and ultimately we have particles call quarks which make up the protons and neutrons in the iron nucleus and between all the particles is space. However, the mass of the quarks is not enough to count for the heaviness of the pan – so where does that extra mass come from?1

Well, energy does not just exist in matter – it is also present in what we call empty space – except that space is not empty. It is full of energy – that manifests as ‘virtual’ particles, which rapidly appear and disappear, and it is these particles that give the frying pan its mass.1 Mass is basically just one way of carrying energy. What we think of as matter, be it trees, buildings, clothes, food, animals, plants and our own physical bodies are all made up of particles that at their root have no independent mass!

Therefore, in E=mc2 we have E for energy, c for light which is also energy and m for mass which is also just a way of carrying energy and is ultimately not solid but a mass of vibrating particles and space, all of which are energy. In essence, this equation is therefore simply saying ‘everything is energy’.

Energy is the fundamental reality of the world we live in. There is no such thing as solid matter – it is a complete illusion to think there is.

Einstein himself said:

 “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” 

Matter is just energy in a more dense form or slower vibration and matter is just another form of the same fundamental nature of all of life – energy.

The physicist David Bohm stated it thus: 

“Ultimately, the entire universe (with all its particles, including those constituting human beings, their laboratories, observing instruments, etc.) has to be understood as a single undivided whole, in which analysis into separately and independently existent parts has no fundamental status.” 2

So why, over 100 years after E=mc2 was formulated, are we still ignoring the implications of this equation?

Are we just stupid and failing to understand physics – or is there more to it?

Einstein himself recognised that people did not understand this equation or its ramifications:

It followed from the special theory of relativity that mass and energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing — a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind.” 

However, since 1999 Serge Benhayon has been presenting in great detail the full implications and ramifications of the understanding that everything is energy.3-5 He has articulated a one-unified understanding that combines science, religion and philosophy based on the universal truth that everything is energy and how that applies to our lives and our way of living. The implications that he has presented are too many to enumerate in this one blog but, for example, understanding that everything is energy means that: 

1)     Ultimately everything is interconnected – nothing is truly separate or isolated within the whole universe.

2)     Everything that happens does so because there is an energy making it happen – there is nothing random, by chance or accident.

3)     We are energetic beings in communion with the universe – energy is passing through us 24/7 without fail and rather than being elusive or invisible to our senses we have a sixth sense that is constantly feeling everything.

4)     Every choice has a consequence – our bodies are affected by the way we live, constantly so.

5)     Death cannot be the end for energy cannot be destroyed – we change from form to formlessness.

6)     True freedom is being aware of the quality of energy we are choosing to live from – for it is this which gives us the quality of our thoughts, our movements, our behaviours and choices.

So why do we ignore, deny, resist, fight and reject these understandings and fail to apply them in our daily lives? Not only that, but why do some even ridicule, denigrate, abuse and attack those who explain or expand upon them? 

How long will it take for us to wake up and realise not just who we are but what we are a part of?

Could it be that we avoid the truth of these understandings at all costs as they bring a level of responsibility to our lives that most are not ready or willing to accept?

Do we avoid these understandings, as to put them into practice would rock our comfort boats just a bit too much?  For example, what if we could no longer blame others for the state of our life – realising instead that we are intrinsically connected with everything that happens to us in one way or another?

We like to think we can live any way we like, that we can ‘get away with’ being reckless and irresponsible, that we can eat whatever and how ever much we want, that we can drink lots of alcohol, take drugs, do porn, fight, be corrupt, be greedy, be emotional – basically do whatever we want and that we are accountable to no-one. If we get sick we go to the doctor to get fixed and we tend to blame everything outside of looking at our own choices. But energetically this just does not wash. Everything we do affects everything – especially our own bodies!  

At first, this can seem a bit of an ouch – that I am responsible for the condition of my life and what happens in it. Yet when it is fully understood – we see that these understandings are in fact the key to true empowerment and freedom. We are no longer victims of life happening to us, but we can come to a deeper understanding and realise we have the power within us to change, transform and truly heal and live a quality of life way beyond that which we ever imagined was possible. We can put a true end to the suffering we feel has been inflicted upon us.

The thing is, we don’t have to take anyone’s word for it – for the great thing about the energetic truth is that when it is lived and applied in our lives it makes a true difference – we feel it in our own bodies and so we know the truth of it for ourselves. Our experiences and our bodies reveal and confirm the energetic truth without needing to rely on any outer source.

So let us not resist, deny and ignore these understandings any longer, for to do so is to perpetuate the separation and suffering in the world. In contrast, incorporating them into the world and our lives has the potential to transform EVERYTHING and effect a huge amount of healing not just within ourselves, but in our communities, across nations and the world at large. No sphere of human life would be untouched if we truly aligned to, applied and lived the energetic truth.

 Understanding the energetic truth means we know that:

  1. We are a one equal humanity – in truth undivided by nationality, culture, religion, borders, professions, roles or any outer identifier of any kind. How false is it then to perpetuate these illusionary barriers? 
  2. We are responsible for the quality of our health and our lives. No longer can we say it ‘just happened’, it was an ‘accident’, or ‘out of the blue’. Before any illness and disease there is an energy bringing it into form – and by changing the quality of our choices we can potentially prevent or allay such ill conditions.
  3. We are not limited to flesh and bone but are multi-dimensional energetic beings. We are beings of light in constant reception of packets of energy that then feed the choices we make. What if we are living so much less than who we truly are by avoiding the energetic facts of life? 


The list of ways that life can be beneficially transformed by applying the energetic truth are endless and this is only scratching the surface – but given the current dire state of humanity, with illness and disease, corruption, addiction, abuse, crime, violence, relationship difficulties and a host of other ills, it is essential we keep scratching!

And, just for fun – have you ever considered the energy potential in your own body?

Well if the maths of E=mc2 is applied to an 86kg man, it works out that the potential energy is about 7.8 septillion joules of energy which is roughly equivalent to 1.86 million kilotons of TNT worth of energy. To put that in perspective, the bomb that destroyed Nagaski in Japan was 21 kilotons of explosives. So one human being can have more than 88,000 times explosive energy than a bomb that destroyed an entire city!6   Now the 100% conversion of mass to energy used here is unrealistic, but nonetheless, fun to consider our potential…

And imagine all of that energy used not for explosives but for the Love of all mankind?

Now that is true power.

So yes we are far more powerful than we know – we are messengers and carriers of energy and the question is: what energy are we choosing to be a messenger of – love or that which is not love? 

“Everything is energy and everything is because of energy” (Serge Benhayon, early 1999) is the key to understanding all of life and is a truth that if we fail to see, acknowledge and more importantly live, then life will sooner or later bring us to a point where we can’t but see the truth contained therein.

The fact of all these understandings has been clearly presented by Serge Benhayon.3-5 It can certainly help to have a guiding hand and voice from someone who is already walking the talk – who knows, lives and breathes life energetically and can impart the wisdom of the ages. Those, including myself, that have chosen to listen to him and apply these understandings in our daily lives have significantly benefitted from doing so and have come to know the truth of the teachings through our own experiences and bodies. 

The energetic truth is freely available to all and it has been for aeons as it is innate to who we are – yet we have deliberately fought, resisted and denied that which is our true salvation. 

The question arises: How many more hundreds or even thousands of years are we going to perpetuate our suffering by playing the game of ignorance and pretending we do not know what we cannot avoid knowing?



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Accessed 21.06.16


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    Bernadette Glass
    8th July 2016 at 1:51 pm

    Great read Eunice!
    We have not been shown and we have not connected with the truth about energy and how it precipitates EVERYTHING! I am learning more and more about how we are manipulated to focus on external things in life that reward materialism or achievement and not on the body or vehicle that makes these possible and the energy associated with them. Appreciating the body is the most obvious example of this. If we understood and appreciated that we are a walking miraculous organic factory performing the most complex processes and exchanges to keep the body balanced, (all without our awareness), how then could we ignore our relationship with the body? Your blog brings us face to face with the energetic truth of who we are. More please and thank you!

  • Reply
    Joseph Barker
    8th July 2016 at 8:33 pm

    Brilliantly unpacked Eunice – “And imagine all of that energy used not for explosives but for the Love of all mankind?” wowee with 7 billion plus of us loving and living this way the ripples throughout the universe would be mind boggling. We need to stop and simply appreciate how just one of us choosing to express this way, as you do here, is the beginning of things becoming clear.

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    Felicity Latchford
    4th February 2017 at 8:06 pm

    I loved how this world famous equation was unpacked and pulled apart so that its applicability for daily life can be fully understood.

  • Reply
    Felicity Latchford
    14th February 2017 at 11:10 am

    yes its true that we can no longer say life just happens- there is energy making it happen. we cant be victims if this is truly understood.

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