Crisis in Medicine

A few weeks ago I came across a relatively new website  and organisation called the College of Medicine. It makes for interesting reading and demonstrates an awareness of the crisis in medicine. In fact it details that the main components of this crisis are threefold: a crisis in caring, a crisis in costs and a crisis in commitment.

Under crisis in caring it points out that whilst modern medicine is good at treating symptoms it is losing its ability to care. True compassion and understanding are waning. It highlights how conveyor belt medicine treats people as little more than objects and calls for a renaissance in medicine. 

In the current economic climate, the crisis in costs in the NHS is perhaps not news to anyone. However, they detail some of the main factors contributing to this including the rising elderly population and chronic over-spending on chronic disease. Importantly they ask “is there another way of doing things, of delivering good medicine, of keeping people as fit and healthy as possible?” The short answer to that is yes there is and the whole arena of esoteric healing can work alongside medicine to do just that.  

The fact that doctors and nurses are unhappy, feel demoralised and undervalued has resulted in a crisis in commitment according to the COM. Targets, managerial diktats and media criticism have all contributed to this crisis. They point out that people are much more than “biochemical systems” and that medical science needs to embrace other dimensions of the human person. A government White Paper has promised to make improving the quality of care the purpose of the NHS and that it should embody the principle of “nothing about me without me”. The aim is to create an NHS that creates health with its patients and encourages informed choices and decisions. 

The College of Medicine as it is portrayed on the website demonstrates an awareness of key issues in heathcare today and a willingness to go beyond the current mechanistic and limited thinking. It expresses an openness to go ‘outside the box’ and to consider new approaches and ways of delivering healthcare. Time will tell if that openness is genuine or if the mantra of ‘show me the scientific evidence’ remains firmly in place. Of course evidence is important but the history of medicine will show that today’s bone fida evidence is all too often in tomorrow’s bin as new understandings develop and evolve. 

The understandings of esoteric healing and esoteric medicine can offer a different approach to understanding the human person, the root causes of illness and disease and empowers people to make choices that are healing and self-caring. Esoteric Healing is not an alternative to modern medicine but works in conjunction with it and can restore the caring and true compassion that the COM calls for. How does it do this? By restoring right relationships – the first and most important of which is the relationship with oneself for that feeds into the relationships we have with all others. It forms the foundation for true compassion, caring and healing service and without it any other approach will be just papering over the cracks rather than making a true difference. So just how far ‘outside the box’ are the COM prepared to go? Would they be willing and open to hear the understandings of esoteric healing and esoteric medicine?  

I personally have no doubt that combining the esoteric understandings with modern medicine could transform the delivery of healthcare and restore true caring and compassion to what is an over-burdened, exhausted and burnt-out system. Furthermore the esoteric understandings can empower people to make truly self-caring choices and to heal the root cause of their condition and my own personal journey is testimony to that. 

I welcome the COM openness to embracing other dimensions of the human person in healthcare and their willingness to go ‘outside the box’ – for there is so much more to the human person than the current scientific paradigm permits. 

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    Michelle McWaters
    19th October 2014 at 8:23 am

    It is clear that this downward trajectory in terms of finance, caring and commitment within the health sector need addressing. It is overwhelming and from the outside looks like a monumentous task let alone from someone who actually works within the system and lives with these issues on a daily basis. The esoteric approach is one that can truly support. It does have the ability to restore true caring, not by ploughing on regardless, but with each individual being honest with how we have got to how we are at. The esoteric applies understanding, allowing and love to our personal choices and offers a new foundation of self care that is then lived and shared with others. As Eunice has stated it offers true healing to the root cause of our illnesses, not just in the body but in our systems too.

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