Brexit – playing into the hands of Evil

For the last three years the airwaves have been filled with talk about #Brexit. It has dominated political discourse, radio and TV discussions and programmes and coffee room chats – meanwhile other topics of great concern have been side-lined and unaddressed like the rising levels of poverty, the lack of funds for NHS and education to name a few.

Now we are in the midst of a Tory leadership contest – dominated by the #Brexit discourse and who is going to lead us out of the EU. Tory MP after Tory MP are putting themselves up to be the ONE to deliver on #Brexit – as if it is an honourable, respectable and valuable achievement – something to be applauded and lauded and that we should all get behind the One who has the best plan to exit from the EU.

Nothing could be further from the truth – delivering on #Brexit is playing straight into the hands of evil – there is nothing respectable, honourable, valuable or worthy about it! Apart from the significant economic and financial impact it will have, leaving us poorer as a country, it diminishes us in all kinds of ways – culturally, relationally, globally and compromising our safety and security and bringing healthcare hazards that endanger the NHS and patients lives.

The NHS relies heavily on nurses, doctors and dentists from Europe and any restriction to free movement will further exacerbate the already significant shortage of staff in the NHS. Disrupting the economy will make it even harder to fund an already underfunded service and there is the potential for seriously affecting the supplies of vital medicines and medical devices that could result in chaos and lives being lost.

There is nothing beneficial about #Brexit unless you happen to be Jacob Rees-Mogg or the President of the United States. The former is set to get a windfall with #Brexit and the latter will ensure the further dismantling of the NHS and take-over by private healthcare companies who will cherry pick the low hanging fruit in healthcare … And of course there are all the Tory MPs with links and investments in private healthcare companies who are set to benefit with that play out. Yes – to hell with the people – just give me my money!

Follow the money indeed …

There is nothing progressive or evolutionary for mankind about #Brexit – it is a retrograde, regressive step – away from collaboration, unification and deeper relationships with our European neighbours.

The bottom line is we are One Humanity – one race of human beings designed to love each other, to work together, to be in harmony with each other and anything that gets in the way of that is evil. Love is our true nature, it is who we are, and evil is anything that separates us from that love or the knowing of it, for in that separation is the root of all our ills. Simple to write and understand but not so easy to live as told by the ongoing violence, aggression, war, terrorism, bombing, shooting, stabbings, anger, hate, abuse, murder, rape, addiction, division and separation, ‘man’s inhumanity to man’ – not just between countries, but within them, as well as in communities, workplaces and even families – where it all begins.


It is therefore a no-brainer that creating division and separation based on Nationality is the work of evil.  It creates ‘them and us’ – it is working against the direction of our true evolution as a One Humanity – which should be towards deeper connection, collaboration and harmony. #Brexit is the antithesis of all of that – it is a giant step away from collaboration, unification and harmony towards separation, isolation and fragmentation and rising levels of discontent in families and communities throughout this country.


David Cameron played right into the hands of evil when he set up what was a completely unnecessary referendum – who apart from Tory MPs was asking for a referendum? It was hardly a hot topic, people were not crying out for it like they are with the needs for education, health and poverty. It was an unnecessary indulgence that has cost us dearly and will continue to do so unless we are able to revoke article 50 or have a people’s vote where the majority are now in favour of remaining in the EU. It is completely democratic and common sense, and even advocated for by Jacob Rees-Mogg prior to the referendum, that we should have a vote on ‘the deal’, with an option to remain, for we are now far more informed and aware of the implications of #Brexit than we were at the time of the referendum and many people have changed their minds. It was ridiculous of David Cameron to promise an advisory referendum would be upheld and to not set a mark eg 60% or 66% needed for change to occur from the status quo – a status quo that was and has been serving us all very well for many years! Of course the EU is not perfect – but it is much better to be at the table and change it from within, than sit outside on your own – impotent, neutered and silenced – yet still impacted by their decisions as we will be if we wish to continue trading with them.  

Furthermore, given the level of corruption that has been exposed about the leave vote and the lies and manipulation that took place – resulting in electoral fraud – it is clear that any PM and government worth their salt would declare it null and void. It was not a democratic vote but a fraudulent and illegal vote – since when did fraud and illegality become acceptable parts of a democracy?

Of course those who voted leave do not want another referendum or vote as they know they will lose – whereas if they were so sure it was what the people wanted and would be a forward, progressive step they should have no concern about another vote. Ireland managed to survive having two votes – I’m sure the UK can too.

#Brexit has exposed the deep levels of racism and bigotry in this country – it’s not like it wasn’t there before – it is now just more audible and visible – it allows us to see the true state of play as the rot that was hidden is brought to the fore. The Britain that was lauded as open, multi-cultural and welcoming to all has been exposed as a nation where potentially more than half are closed, narrow-minded, nationalistic and shut to our closest neighbours – a damning and shaming indictment.



Elton John said he was ashamed of his country and I echo his sentiments – it is shameful the level of racism and abuse that #Brexit has exposed. It’s bad enough that this is exposed in everyday people but we expect more from our leaders and politicians – who have been woeful and neglecting of their duty to act in the best interests of the country by lining up to support this evil-endorsing mission that is #Brexit.

Where are the statesmen and stateswomen who can bring this country together for the greater good of all – who will take a stand and say NO loud and clear to all forms of racism and who are willing to speak the truth about the deep harm #Brexit will cause and expose the false idealism, nationalism and lies that #Brexit has been built upon? Someone who can lead this country and its people back to sense, back to shared purpose and commitment to true values that unite us all? Sadly there is a dearth of great leadership contenders, of people who are truly prepared to act in the best interests of all – who see through the pure evil that #Brexit is and are prepared to call it out and expose it for what it is.


May it be that Parliament can act to prevent this gross mistake and act of self-destruction and in one way or another ensure that either there is another vote, or revoke article 50 should the option arise. We will all thank them for it, and our children and grandchildren definitely will.      



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  • Reply
    Mary Adler
    9th June 2019 at 5:38 am

    I support all you say here Eunice. The Brexit farce has separated us all from the truth of working together for the support and benefit of us all as one humanity.

  • Reply
    Julia Manglano
    9th June 2019 at 7:55 am

    Absolutely brilliant, it should be on the papers for people to read.

  • Reply
    Michelle Harford
    12th June 2019 at 7:36 am

    Truth spoken, I so appreciate this as I can easily ignore what is happening around us and it’s the details that I don’t pay attention to that lead to the big changes that I pretend I had no part in.

  • Reply
    Tricia Nicholson
    12th June 2019 at 9:37 pm

    Amazing truth clarity and honesty of what is really going on and the state of the country and the world we currently live in so far from the one humanity and love we all are . A great article calling for the evil to be seen and called for what it is and a change to happen

  • Reply
    Michael Edward Nicholson
    13th June 2019 at 9:13 am

    So true Eunice – everything that you have said here. The evil of Brexit is palpable. The conservative party leadership is all about self and it is a sad indictment of where we are that the one man who cares only for himself and not one jot for the people of this country, Boris Johnson, should be a shoe in favourite to win. This is a scandal that has generational repercussions.

  • Reply
    21st June 2019 at 3:20 am

    Best article i have read on Brexit, says it all, the racism, the self interest, the manipulation and deceit. Everyone can see what should be done, the shocking disaster unfolding, the separation from our fellow brothers and sisters. But there is clearly self gain for some and not enough will of the people for it to have been reversed yet. Lets hope it does before its too late.

  • Reply
    Joseph Barker
    8th August 2019 at 6:11 am

    Well said Eunice. Sadly its a trait currently of the human race that we need to take things to an extreme point before we are willing to start to face up to the truth. Just how far will things need to slide till we are ready to start to look at ourselves and go deeper inside?

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