Bread, not so glorious bread!

I use to love bread – in all its many forms. Whether it was being served a warm freshly baked roll in a restaurant, hot-buttered toast on a cold morning, lashings of garlic butter on a french roll or my mother’s home-made wheaten bread toasted with marmalade on top – I use to eat and love them all. And of course don’t forget the lunch time sandwich with a bag of crisps – easy, handy and quick, to keep me going through the day. I never gave a second thought to the fact I felt a bit sleepy or sluggish after that particular lunch and that rather than keeping me going it seemed to slow me up! .

However, I have since become more aware of how bread and in particular gluten is not readily digested by the human body. I also became more aware of how it affected me after eating it, by noticing the feelings and effects in my body instead of ignoring them like I use to. I noticed that with a different lunch eg soup, I no longer felt sleepy or sluggish after eating. Also the bloating and distension decreased when I stopped eating bread.

I tried gluten free bread for a while – and was like an excited kid when I found a gluten free bread that actually tasted like bread and also a diary free spread that meant I could have hot-buttered toast again! I had it every day for a week but noticed that even that was making me bloated and distended as well and so even the gluten free bread has been ditched now. You might ask why was the gluten free bread making me bloated if it didn’t have gluten in it? Well it’s not just the food content that is important but also the way we eat the food, the reason we are eating it eg is it for comfort or stimulation or for nutrition? I could definitely feel that I was eating the gluten free bread for comfort and not nutrition so it basically had the same effects energetically on the body as gluten containing bread even though there was no gluten in it! 

Understood energeticallly, gluten is not a substance that the human body readily digests – it makes us heavier and denser and many people who go on a gluten free diet lose weight – even though they are eating the same quantities of food. Some people develop coeliac disease due to the body’s reaction to gluten, some are intolerant and have symptoms but do not have coeliac and others just notice that their body feels better without it, they feel better without it. 

This article by a cardiologist explains in more detail some of the consequences of eating wheat /gluten and you may be surprised to find some of the effects eating wheat can have on your body. He discusses other examples here in his blog on the same topic. A quick search on the internet and you can find a host of articles that support the fact that bread/wheat/gluten is not good for your health. 

Why not try a little experiment and give up bread/wheat/gluten for 3-6months and see how you feel? It does require reading food labels as so many foods nowadays have gluten in them – even sauces and other foods that you may not expect. It’s not just the obvious ones like pasta and pizza. It encouraged me to cook more of my food with fresh ingredients so that I knew exactly what was going into them. I found a joy in cooking this way (I was never bothered to cook much before)  and the food tastes so much better!

Feel free to share your experiences with bread/wheat/gluten on here and perhaps we can learn more about the effects of bread/wheat/gluten on the body from each other.

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