A few weeks have passed since my last blog post, yet I see topics that could be written about on most days…..it’s just finding the time to sit and write! The last month has been largely taken up by attending the Universal Medicine courses and workshops that were held in England over the month of June and were preceded by the retreat in May.

I have been attending the Unimed events for 5 years and of course, repeating the same courses will mean that some aspects are repeated, yet no 2 courses year on year are ever exactly the same. Whilst elements of a course may be repeated they do not come scripted but are delivered according to the energy of the group that presents.  Even though something may have been said before or in a similar way, I hear it in a new way, it sinks in deeper or I am just more open to hearing it. Sometimes as human beings we can get a bit arrogant and think we’ve heard it all, we know it all and attending these workshops can be an exercise in true humility to realise just how little mankind really does know about life, God and the human condition and how ignorantly and arrogantly we live on a daily basis. I for one have certainly lived in that way for most of my adult life. Of course I also have to watch that I don’t bring that arrogance into life in a different way – by thinking that I am somehow better than others who have not chosen the esoteric way! The fact that we are all equal is one of the core tenets of the esoteric teachings and is known by all who re-connect to their inner heart.

I love Esoteric Philosophy and each time when I think Serge must have reached a limit, what more can be said, he delivers a deeper understanding, a new level of unfolding for us all. Of course that is naturally so when one is tapping into the never-ending font of wisdom that is the soul, but on a human level, it seems and is amazing. However, the esoteric is not just about acquiring knowledge about life, about God, about the human condition but is very much about living it, putting the teachings into practice, living in a way that is loving and caring for self and all equally to the best of one’s ability – nothing more and nothing less. The thing is it can be a bit of a shock to realise, accept and acknowledge just how far away we have been living from a way that is truly caring and loving!!

I recall one of my many challenges to Serge in my first year attending Unimed, saying this is ‘all being a bit too precious’  when there was a discussion going on around the effects of different foods on the body. I thought to myself, ‘I’ve eaten whatever I liked all my life and I’m still here, I’m still living and well,’ (albeit I was several stones overweight – so you can get an idea of just how arrogant I was!) He patiently explained how as one becomes more aware, one feels more clearly the true impact of certain foods on the body and expanded further on this. Although I had my doubts and skepticism, so much of what Serge said with regard to life, God and the human condition, resonated as truth with me that I began to put the teachings into practice. In doing so, I have come to realise and know for myself that what he was saying about food is true.  I can now feel for myself the detrimental effects of eating certain foods that before I was just so numb and unaware that I did not register them – even though they would have been still harming me.  

So it wasn’t a case of this ‘all being a bit too precious’ but the fact that I had not been precious enough (in the true meaning of that word) with myself throughout the years of my life and ongoingly. It hurts to realise just how lacking in love, care, tenderness and preciousness I have been with myself and as a consequence, with others also. Indeed, in order to not feel that hurt, it was easier to defend that which I have always done, to maintain the hardened ways and behaviours, to challenge the esoteric, to ridicule it for being ‘too precious’ rather than stop and truly feel what I have done to myself. However, it is not about beating oneself up for errant ways of the past for that would not be loving either. It is a step on the healing journey to feel what we have done to ourselves by living in ignroance and unawareness of our true nature. The deeper truth is that we are Love despite all errors and mistakes and the more we connect with that Love, that Truth, then the hurts are healed, melted and dissolved.

One of the topics covered in the recent workshops was commitment. Do we just engage with life or are we fully committed to life? Do we only give so much, go so far but pull out if it gets too tough? Do we equate commitment with how much effort we put in rather than by considering whether we were fully present in it? I felt at one point that yes, I wanted to live fully committed but at the same time I wanted to have a get out clause too – so that I didn’t have to be 100%  responsible 100% of the time!  It was a good opportunity to realise where I was at and reflect on that…that whilst I might be committed in my head to life, to love or living the esoteric way for example, was that really true and reflected in how I live my life?  And clearly the answer is no. There is a difference between where I might think I am and where my lived reality is. That is good to know as it gives me something to work with, rather than being in the illusion of imagining I am somewhere I am not!

We are only as committed as our lowest level of commitment – so far example, if someone feels they are very committed to work but less so to family life or relationships then their level of commitment is at the level they are at with family/relationships. Again, the point is not to beat ourselves up when we realise we have been living less than fully committed but to take stock of where we are at and then we can move forward. It is much more entrapping if we are in the illusion of thinking we are committed to life, to love, when our lived reality says otherwise. Being committed is being and bringing all of you, the true you,  to everything, with no area of life lesser than another. It is being the full and whole you wherever you are and whoever you are with….not the fragmented, self-doubting, judgemental version that we often bring instead. The more we are able to do this, then we are also more allowing of whatever is happening and where others are at, we are more accepting of ourselves and others and more understanding of the whole situation. This helped me to accept, allow and understand where I am at with regards to commitment to life and love or my lack of it,  to look at the things that hold me back, the fears and insecurities, (the ‘what will they say’ scenarios), my preparedness to take responsibility or not and so on, to declare the perceived barriers.

The thing is I can now see (thanks to Unimed SEH 4) that all of that is done from within the human being and the human spirit. The latter are the ones that find all the reasons, all the excuses, all the barriers, all the things that hold us back and perpetuate the loveless ways. But if I connect with the innermost part of me, there are no barriers, no excuses, no reasons to hold back – there is only Love that lives to respond to the call that is called for, that is prepared to do what it takes to answer the call. The question was asked, how far are you prepared to forego humanity to answer the call that is called for? How far are we prepared to go to assist our brothers and sisters? If I stand as the human being or the human spirit there are a million and one ‘reasons’ to not go very far at all, but if I connect with my innermost, the soul, those reasons dissolve in the absoluteness of Love that holds me and all others equally to say ‘I’ll go all the way, I’ll do what it takes to answer the call.’  Of course that might sound like a few nice words to make me sound good or just a fanciful idea that will never come to fruition. Time will reveal whether it is a truth that I fleetingly tap into now and then or whether it is a truth that I come to live from and that forms the compass of my life and my choices. However, I am clear on this – that it is my choice, that it will require initially daily conscious effort on my part to overcome the momentum of my past choices in order to keep choosing love over disregard, love over hurt, committment over apathy, such that I may live fully committed to life, love, God and all that that entails. 

I feel very fortunate to have beside me (Serge Benhayon) in this life someone who already lives that way, who is fully committed to life, to the livingness of Love, to humanity and to God and all that that brings, who has been a consistent loving presence no matter what rotten tomatoes I have thrown at him! This is not a sickly adoration of a guru, for Serge is not a guru and he is the first to say he’s not perfect – he’s an accomplished student of life who has walked this road many times and this is just a simple but deep appreciation for all that he has brought and continues to bring through Universal Medicine which has transformed and enriched my life beyond measure. No amount of money can bring the riches of love. Indeed nothing outside of oneself can deliver those riches for they have to be reconnected to and lived by each of us to bring forth their fruits. However, we can and do learn by reflection and we can be inspired by feeling and seeing those ways in another – so thank you Serge for all that you bring, for being an inspiration and a true reflector of love and light.

Feel free to share your experiences of Serge and Universal Medicine. Have you been inspired to alter your way of living? How has your life and well being been affected since attending Unimed and putting the teachings into practice?  


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    Kirsten Roslyn
    1st July 2012 at 10:38 pm

    Hi Eunice, THANK YOU for expressing your truth with such love and clarity for us … … everything you have expressed is felt within ME. Your words have allowed a shift within an acknowledge, acceptance and renewal of my responsibility to my self and all others.
    with love and appreciation
    Kirsten Roslyn

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      The Soulful Doctor
      2nd July 2012 at 9:40 pm

      Thank you Kirsten – I appreciate you taking the time to respond on the blog and glad that you found a resonance with it, 

      with love, 


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      1st October 2012 at 3:30 pm

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    Anne Malatt
    1st July 2012 at 10:49 pm

    Thank you, Eunice, for this lovely reflection. I too have been inspired by Serge, by his teachings, by his way of life, by his absolute love, and my life has been transformed beyond belief since meeting him. I am, with his great help,learning to truly live in and with love, Anne.

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    Anne Malatt
    1st July 2012 at 10:49 pm

    Thank you, Eunice, for this lovely reflection. I too have been inspired by Serge Benhayon, by his teachings, by his way of life, by his absolute love, and my life has been transformed beyond belief since meeting him. I am, with his great help,learning to truly live in and with love, Anne.

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      The Soulful Doctor
      2nd July 2012 at 9:44 pm

      Thank you Anne for sharing your experience on the blog. Of course on the topic of appreciation it is good for us to appreciate ourselves and the choices we have made that have effected the transformation as well!! It’s very easy to forget to do that !! 🙂 

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    2nd July 2012 at 1:25 am

    Nice article Eunice, I copied and pasted part of it as I have been truly feeling the momentum of my previous choices and choosing to live in love and disregard and it is a daily, hourly, minute-ly (making that one up!) choice isn’t it.

    My friend, Stevie Cole, was a light-shiner for me and I came to this work through her and it has been a life=changer.

    Yes in the ways that I have cut out gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes and lost 17 kilos which means I am feeling the lightest I have in years but more for me about actually finding a way forward that makes sense, building a marker in my body of what love feels like and not handing it over to RSVP to find that marker. To become much more aware of who I am and how I have been.

    Incredibly confronting at times but there is such support available to you when you choose a different way. But it takes commitment. But in saying that you/I were already committed to a different way of life, I just did not understand the impacts nor what I was really committing to.

    Whilst I can make it difficult for me at times, I am glad and grateful that I am committing to love now and a love that I am beginning to understand and not the love I thought I knew.

    With much love and light from faraway tropical north queensland.

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      The Soulful Doctor
      2nd July 2012 at 9:57 pm

      Thank you Sarah – good point you make that we were already living a form of being committed to a different way of life and yet not really being aware of what that was nor the consequences of it….however, it certainly wasn’t a commitment to life in full, in the fullness of our being!!

      with love, 


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    Natalie Benhayon
    2nd July 2012 at 9:09 pm

    Hi Eunice,
    An amazingly written article… thank you
    With Love,

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      The Soulful Doctor
      2nd July 2012 at 9:58 pm

      Thanks Natalie – much appreciated, 

      with love, Eunice

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    Andrew Allen
    2nd July 2012 at 11:12 pm

    Hi Eunice
    Thank you for your words and clarity, while reading your blog another level of understanding came to me. So many ways to express the same truth.
    With love

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    Lee-Ann Bailey
    3rd July 2012 at 12:00 am

    Hi Eunice

    A cyber standing ovation for your healing and timely article, thank you Eunice.

    I’d also like to continue the expression of appreciation for the infinite love, wisdom and support Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine Team bring to us.

    The true esoteric teachings as offered by Serge have not only changed my life but that of my family, and have healed in me an end to so many harmful ways. And while it’s been nearly three years I feel a connection to humanity and an ever deepening commitment to life that continues to ‘still’ and amaze me every day anew.

    With love

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    Rebecca Baldwin
    3rd July 2012 at 12:21 am

    I first met Serge Benhayon when he spoke as a guest speaker at my University. As he spoke I was struck by how he was willing to go to the absolute core of the issues he was speaking about, he seemed to have the ability to say what most felt but were unwilling or unable to express. It was in the months preceeding 9/11 and the Humanities section was kind of in an ideological bind — on the one hand there was a lot of anti-American sentiment that had been fostered for quite some time, in regards to American cultural domination etc, and there was a lot of sympathy for people’s oppressed by American foreign policy. So when people spoke of the attacks it was with this kind of not knowing how to speak about it — on the one hand, killing thousands of people with planes is clearly wrong, on the other hand, did America produce the climate that created this situation themselves? Serge Benhayon didn’t get touched by all the he said, she said. He went to the core and said (and I am para-phrasing) – this is the work of the Spirit and of Spiritualism – each of the people on that plane believed that they were going to heaven for their actions and doing the right thing by their God. (No different than a fervent Christian Politician making a case for war.) So we have to call to question the Spirit and Spiritualism if this is the havoc it wreaks. We have to look at beliefs and the role of the spirit in our world. Could it be that the Spirit is wayward? Clearly if by spiritual belief a human being can kill another there is a problem, an issue with the spirit that it is high time we consider. In all my years of left-leaning and new-age-book-reading I had never heard anyone call the Spirit to account! Here was a man who could call a spade a spade. And I love that about Serge, because while he can expose all the ills its only ever to reveal the greater love that available should we choose to look a bit deeper and discard the beliefs and ideals that don’t serve us. And thanks Eunice– I love that you have provided a forum where we can share these experiences, because they are pretty awesome.

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    Cherise Holt
    3rd July 2012 at 12:40 am

    Hello Eunice,
    What a pleasure to read what you have felt to share, appreciation. I love that when we feel connected to ourselves there is zero need for what we say to ‘sound right’ or ‘be correct’.
    I have not commented or shared with ease in my past but to express from within me feels simple ..whether on a blog or a comment ..or in life! Of late I have felt deep appreciation for where I am at, and this comes with such a lightness and an openness to continue to blossom. With heartfelt thanks to you Eunice, simply sharing you. Appreciation of Serge Benhayon also in my life, he feels a beautiful shining light of inspiration. And with love from within me, especially as I write this from within, with no need to ‘proof read’ before I send 🙂 Cherise

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    Rachel Hall
    3rd July 2012 at 12:56 am

    Thank you Eunice your writings express so much of my own experiences and the way I feel about Serge Benhayon and the work of Universal Medicine. Not only am I learning to apprecaite all that they have offered me but also how much through applying what is offered as a simply way of reconnecting to me and living from love that I can appreciate myself more and more each day.
    I love your blog and how honest you are – truly refreshing to see someone speaking from their heart and not holding back out of fear of what others may say
    with love

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    3rd July 2012 at 7:01 am

    Thank you Eunice for this amazingly written blog on appreciation. It resonates with my own experiences of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Whilst some years ago when I first met Serge I felt the truth, I also felt a strong need to keep questioning everything that Serge said, and an arrogance defending the way I had been living – a life without true responsibility or true commitment. I now feel through the consistent, unfaltering point of reflection over the years that Serge has offered that this is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I am gradually breaking down old ways of living that lack responsibility, lack of commitment, ways that are self harming, and now feel very different. Not only do I feel different physically, I FEEL differently in that I am now choosing to feel the way I am, and the world around me, and from that understanding more and more about myself, and humanity, and the energetic laws we live within.
    Thank you also Eunice for all of your blogs which are bridging, and practical, and supportive for myself, and others who live in a world that often doesn’t make sense. Your blogs offer a new kind of sense, one that is able to be grasped by even the busiest person who has never been to any universal medicine workshops. Your writing is inspiring, and much appreciated.

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      The Soulful Doctor
      3rd July 2012 at 9:44 am

      Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to comment or share your experience. It is a joy to read your beautiful expressions of appreciation for Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and of course The Soulful Doctor blog! 🙂 As you can see I’m working on self-appreciation – writing Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine was easy, adding the last bit was not as easy!! I’m sure you can imagine the kind of thoughts running through my mind for that one! Anyway, thank you again,

      much love,


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    Dragana Brown
    3rd July 2012 at 1:19 pm

    From the moment I subscribed to your blog Eunice, reading what you write has been nothing but joy! However, this last piece on Appreciation was a cherry (active;)) on…well…appreciation! What you expressed about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is exactly what I felt, which proves that we do not/cannot own words, for when they come from our inner most it confirms that they are spherical and that they are there for everyone to ‘own’ them. I too met Serge Benhayon 5 years ago and his integrity, the level of commitment that he exudes, and of course a colosal amount of love for humanity, have inspired me to embark on the return journey to self love and love – thank you Serge and and thank you Universal Medicine.
    And thank you Eunice for expressing what and how you did, which is just what I would have done, only not so eloquently (yet;)).
    With love and deep gratitude from the inner-most of my being,

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    Cathrine Bang
    4th July 2012 at 7:20 pm

    Dear Eunice.
    Thank you from my heart for your wise, reflecting and clearly written text. I’ll read this through the summer again and again, a true inspirational text, and it resonates with me after the most inspiring days at The Lighthouse in May and June. My deepest thank you to Serge Benhayon too. I’ll share your text Eunice with my friends. Looking forward to share more on this subject with you and other dear friends. 🙂 With Love Cathrine (this is also sent to you via FB)

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    Gayle Cue
    4th July 2012 at 12:53 am

    Hi Eunice, I have read all of your blogs with deep appreciation of what you are saying and how you express yourself. So a blog on appreciation is the perfect opportunity to tell you how much your writing is appreciated! Thank you.

    Out of all that Serge has presented, taught, demonstrated, and reflected, I can condense it down to this, for me: When I first met Serge, I was depressed and physically unwell. My first session was a miracle healing. Then I went back to living my life as I had been and before long I was back to Serge – needing fixed up again. No matter how many times I returned to Serge asking to be fixed up, he would meet me with love and without judgement. Eventually, thankfully, I woke up to the responsibility of my own livingness. I realised that how I live my life is the true medicine. Consequently, I no longer need to ask Serge to fix me up! Instead, I have the privilege and pleasure of attending lectures, courses and workshops that help me deepen my understanding of the human condition. Serge’s demonstration of meeting me with love and without judgement is the gift that I try to take into the world, to the best of my ability. Some days I do better than others but I don’t even judge that! My appreciation of Serge and Universal Medicine will live on beyond this lifetime, of that I am sure.
    With Love and appreciation, Gayle

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    4th July 2012 at 1:47 am

    Dear Eunice, thank you, for a truly inspired and inspirational piece of writing. I too experience Serge Benhayon just as you have written and like you my life has transformed and continues to transform beyond anything I could have ever imagined. It is funny because Serge is so awesome (beyond words) and yet if you met him in the supermarket (yes he does the shopping and takes out the rubbish etc) you may well not even notice him. It is funny because Serge is so exquisitely loving, playful, limitless and inspiring and yet around him you FEEL an equal-ness and one-ness…. and then the awareness grows that if we are all THAT then what I see in Serge is also within me and everyone else. So yes, I too appreciate Serge Benhayon beyond measure. He shows me the way and brings divine love, truth, purpose and joy to my life and to the life of everyone else who is open to it.

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    Rod Harvey
    4th July 2012 at 6:03 am

    Hi Eunice, thank you for your post which was so lovingly expressed. I love to see anecdotes about how students’ lives have been affected by Universal Medicine. It was also a timely gentle ‘prompter’ for me to step up in particular areas…particularly consistent commitment.

    Prior to my involvement with Universal Medicine I used to be an accomplished beer drinker and played lots of different sports. Religion didn’t resonate and I dabbled in spirituality and looked into Buddhism – some good points but not for me. I was also heavily involved with personal development material for many years until I realised that the motivational rhetoric was without substance.

    But overall I was happy living my life, yet behind it all there was something that didn’t feel quite right.

    Fast forward to March 2007 when I ‘followed’ my partner (now wife) along to a presentation by Serge Benhayon. I found that a lot of what he said made sense, while on the other hand many of the concepts were weird. But it was also refreshing because Serge was unimposing, down to earth, accessible and loving to all.

    I continued to attend because I found it interesting and revealing. Some of the concepts were very challenging and there was much I was skeptical about as my analytical brain struggled to understand some of the material. Yet deep down, it resonated.

    Gradually all the pieces came together and acceptance erased uncertainty. I also reacquainted myself with another ‘dimension’ I’d been neglecting in my life…the ability to feel. I had it as a young child but let it slip away.

    As a result my life has changed substantially. I’m more settled without needing confirmation that I’m a ‘decent’ being (although it’s pleasant when that happens). I also find that life is more consistent without the highs and lows of various emotions – that stuff has pretty much gone.

    I’ve also now realised my purpose isn’t an external pursuit or about what I do (that was a biggie for me). It’s now about being who I am and to reflect love to others to the best of my ability without imposition. That’s it, pretty simple.

    I’ve also met a great bunch of people through Unimed and continue to do so.

    And finally, Universal Medicine has helped me realise I had been hiding behind and avoiding love. By releasing the blinkers that were clouding my vision I have been able to rediscover a world that is full of wonderful people in which we can see the magic of God and the extraordinary in the ordinary. There’s so much to celebrate.

    Perhaps I didn’t need Universal Medicine or Serge Benhayon to help me to do that…but boy it has helped and I am most grateful.

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    Beverley Brown
    5th July 2012 at 7:55 am

    Hi Eunice. After addressing a few surprising issues around exposure, I felt to respond to your invitation to share my experience of the way of living as presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.
    Having trawled extensively the “New Age Circuit” looking for “The Answer” on how to IMPROVE my life (really a way to get rid of the yuk I felt inside) I came across Universal Medicine via a Sound Workshop with Chris James. Chris spoke of Serge Benhayon and my curiosity was aroused along with a certain amount of resisitance. I now understand the resistance was due to the fact that I would have to accept the fact that I had got it all wrong so far, and that all the information I had been fed, all the money, time and effort I had invested in all the other “spiritual stuff” had been a real WASTE OF TIME. I say waste of time as all these other things had not delivered any true way of being that had really worked in my life and infact I was wandering, at quite a rate, further away from the truth, burying my stuff and into more disharmony.
    The real appreciation I feel now from meeting with Serge Benhayon and all that Universal Medicine stands for is that I can look back over the last 4 years of attending courses and presentations and after endeavouring to put into daily practice the presentations, I can truely say my life has changed in such a way that I could not have imagined. Serge presents with such love and sincere truth a TRUE way of being. This way is love. A great foundation for us to build on.
    Most recently I have noticed that people around me have changed, or so I thought, but actually whats happened is I have become less reactive, more loving and much more responsible in my way of being and this has had a direct affect on people around me as they too have become less reactive and more gently loving around me. After the surprising change in the relationship with my family and those around me I feel an appreciation for myself also as I now have proof (although for me that was not a requirement) that the Way of the Livingness that Serge Benhayon presents really does work and how it makes such a HUGE impact on those around us. So if this can happen to me in a microcosmic way (family, friends and acquaintances) I feel certain it can happen in a macrocosmic way for the rest of humanity.
    Over the past few months I have committed to staying loving around my family, friends and those around me. And here is where the changes have been profound as in not aligning to the sarcasm and critisism, which is rife in my family, I have noticed it has stopped. At work in choosing to not react when things have not gone how I expected or would have liked and from stopping the mental thoughts of angst that I would have previously had towards others, I have seen huge changes in the relationship with work collegues, one persons attitude has changed so much that the boss has noticed.
    This for me is tangible proof of how putting into practice the presentations of Universal Medicine really works.
    Surely its time for us all to appreciate the love we are and by being this love in our expression, remind others that they are love too. Awesome New Era here we come.

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    7th July 2012 at 1:47 am

    Many thanks for your honesty in this posting. It is so good to read where another is on this journey of self discovery. Yes at times the world is not ready to listen/ponder or even consider alternatives then the conventional view. For me it has been a slow influence of those around me by example. As others have mentioned workmates friends and family. I have also noticed slow and steady change in my neighbors in the smoking drinking and life style/diet all it would seem unknowing to them ;-).
    We all have choices to make, be it awareness in the simple things in life eg. The quality of the water we drink and what we can do to improve it in sensible and loving ways.
    The food we eat and where and what this food in being grown in and sprayed with or what other additives are being included in the food before we purchase it.
    The simple one “Everything is energy and energy is everything”

    We have all grown in so many ways in this life. May the work go on.

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      The Soulful Doctor
      8th July 2012 at 5:23 pm

      Thankyou to all who have commented and shared your experience and appreciation. It is lovely to read other people’s stories/experiences/transformations. And I greatly appreciate you taking the time to contribute to the blog and have a few more voices commenting than just my own! 

      with love, 


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