Alcohol: feel for yourself.

This report suggests that women who ‘enjoy an alcoholic drink in the evening tend to be healthier as they move into old age’. Yet again we are receiving conflicting reports from the media and scientific research on the impact of alcohol on one’s health. Such advice can range from saying that when it comes to cancer – there is no safe level of consumption. In other words drinking any amount of alcohol will increase one’s risk of certain cancers. On the other hand, we are told that it is good for your heart to consume alcohol and now this report suggesting that it is beneficial for older women to consume alcohol. 

How is it possible that one substance can on the one hand, be clearly condemned as being detrimental to health and on the other hand beneficial to health? Are we to take our pick and decide if the so-called heart protective effects of drinking alcohol outweigh the cancer inducing effects or does the prevention of cancer through abstinence outweigh these so called heart benefits of drinking? How are people supposed to discern the truth of these various reports which can and do influence people’s choices? 

There is no doubt that alcohol alters one’s state of being and anyone who has consumed alcohol will have experienced that. We are chemically altered by the consumption of alcohol, perhaps noticing a change in mood or attitude and there is no doubt that it impacts the nervous system along with other systems and organs in the body. In other words, it takes us away from who we are. We are no longer ourselves. Of course this is what many people want through drinking alcohol because they don’t want to really feel where they are at and what is truly going on in their life and I myself did this for many years. So perhaps we should be asking – why do we need something to take the edge of life, to take the edge of ourselves??

However, the self that we don’t want to feel is a false self that has been built up over many years. This false self is full of misbeliefs and mis perceptions about who we are and is usually laden with emotional pain that we are in denial of or don’t want to feel – hence we reach for the drink! The true self that is hidden underneath that is pure love and joy and alcohol separates us from this true self. 

It is by re-connecting with this true self that we come to experience and know for ourselves that alcohol can ONLY be harming for us and in no way beneficial. Indeed from an esoteric perpsepctive anything that separates us or promotes separation from the source of love and joy within us is evil. Hence, evil is not just a vile act but encompasses many many aspects of life and living today that we readily accept as being normal or even good for us – when in fact energetcially they are very harm-full for us.

So rather than waiting for the latest research to guide your choices, why not re-connect with the true source of wisdom, love and joy within and come to know and feel for yourself the true harm of alcohol, that it is a poison, that it is evil. Don’t just take my word for it or follow the scientific evidence – follow the guidance of your inner heart and feel for yourself if alcohol takes you away from who you really are, away from that source of love or towards it. Feel free to share your experiences and awareness around alcohol and whether you have changed your drinking habits as a result. 

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    8th September 2011 at 9:34 pm

    Hi Eunice, just felt to share that I have experienced the same thing with alcohol, both in myself and others. For me, it is a very harmful substance. Also something to consider – I used alcohols in the lab to kill cells, funny that we think a poison, as such, is in any way good for us. Thanks for posting. with love,Nykole

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