About Eunice Minford

Eunice Minford The Soulful Doctor

Eunice Minford was born and raised on a farm in N. Ireland. She trained in Medicine at Aberdeen University and graduated in 1989. She pursued a surgical career in General Surgery and abdominal organ transplantation. Her work took her from Aberdeen to Newcastle upon Tyne, Birmingham, London and New York. She currently works as a General Surgeon in N. Ireland.

Eunice rejected religion at a young age. In her late thirties her personal journey and trials led her to question and re-evaluate her life. She commenced a search for Truth; the Truth about God, life and her own personal journey. As part of this journey she partook in many spiritual based workshops and trained as an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor. In addition, she undertook H.Dip and MA courses in Applied Spirituality. Her MA thesis was entitled “The Soulful Foundations of Healing.”

Eunice Minford has also trained in Esoteric Philosophy and Healing Arts as taught by Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and continues to do so as part of her lifelong learning. Esoteric philosophy understands and explains life at the energetic level. The esoteric teachings empower people to heal themselves and to bring more love, joy and freedom into their lives. These teachings are consistent with the Ageless Wisdom and fundamentally are based on the understanding that God is Love and we too are Love.

Eunice has transformed her own life and endeavours to inspire others to heal themselves.

She is passionate about medical student and doctor health and wellbeing and is active in speaking out about the toxic culture of medicine and its impact on doctor wellbeing. She has written about her own life experiences and healing journey and is currently seeking an agent/publisher for her books.

When she is not working in the NHS, Eunice Minford enjoys writing, blogging, walking in nature, swimming, travelling, cinema, spending time with friends and dining – enjoying good conversation and lots of laughter.